Second Blogiversary Special

Blogiversary #3

What up, Bitches? Surprised to see me? Well, Socallucyfan wanted to host another Blogiversary Special again, but I told her that I wanted to do it instead. Give the people what they want, am I right?!

At first she said no, but then I threatened to turn her husband into a banana slug, so she quickly changed her mind. While I was at it, I also demanded that this time I have a full stylist squad to pamper me and give me something better to wear. Finally, I am free from the hideous orange jumpsuit, and back to my pre-jail self. Don’t I look fabulous?


Before the shooting of this silly little special began, I was handed a script. From here on out, whatever I say that is in the script will be in ​bold​. My own personal thoughts will be in regular.

I am suppose to talk about what an amazing year this has been, and even though there have been tough personal moments Socallucyfan is so thankful to all of you wonderful readers for being so supportive, and blah blah blah.

What a sappy load of shit! We all know the real reason why the readers follow this blog. And it is because of me! Why not just show a bunch more pictures of my fabulous photoshoot?

Mal photo 1


Alright, the stupid director is threatening me that I have to follow the script or he will do the special with April, May, and June.

Those three?! GAG ME!!! Those three always ruin everything!!

Fine, I will play along. The director is just lucky that I am forced to wear this stupid armband that restricts my magic. Or else he would be toe fungus right now!



Anyway, back to the script. Socallucyfan wanted to share some behind the scenes fun facts with all of you. I think that her definition of fun is vastly different than mine. And I don’t know how interesting this will be for any of you.

Fine, fine, fine, I know. Back to the script.

It’s only right to start at the very beginning. If each generation had a catch phrase then Generation 1 would be, “I have no idea what I am doing”. Writing stories was not something new, Socallucyfan has been writing stories since she was a little girl. Her mom still has a story that she wrote when she was in 4th grade. The only thing is that Socallucyfan is not an artist. At all. Even her stick figures look wonky. Then she discovered The Sims.

This combined her love of writing with her love of taking pictures (and not having to draw). Time passes, The Sims 3 comes out, and Socallucyfan posts her first story on the official forum. And before long Once Upon a Legacy was born. Most of the original pictures were lost when Socallucyfan’s computer died, but she did manage to find scrap enough picture together for a comprehensible story.



Socallucyfan first posted her story on the Sims Writer’s Block. And independent site created by writers who were annoyed by the restrictions that the storyboards set which limited pictures, text, and content. It was on this site that Socallucyfan grew her confidence from the support of some very nice and talented writers. Unfortunately for Socallucyfan the site didn’t last very long. When the site closed Once Upon a Legacy laid dormant as a PowerPoint presentation on Socallucyfan’s computer.

And it is a good thing that the writing bug hit again. If Socallucyfan hadn’t of continued the story I wouldn’t be here. And all of you would have missed my lovely presence.

Anyway, back to the theme of being clueless during the first generation. Socallucyfan is not a computer wiz at all, and didn’t know the first thing about creating a blog. She started out on tumblr, then moved on to WordPress. Two years later the blog is still going strong, but Socallucyfan still has a lot to learn.



There are also some things that Socallucyfan wishes that she could do differently for her first generation: A Cinderella Challenge. The first thing would be the pictures. The quality is low, and looking back at the old chapters makes her cringe. In a perfect world Socallucyfan would go back and re-do the pictures, but really who has the time?

All I can say it is a good thing that the quality improved by the time I came into the picture. Beauty such as this must be captured at the fullest quality. Anything less would be an insult to me and a shame for my adoring fans who want to see me at my very best.

The other thing that Socallucyfan would do differently is she would spend more time on character development. She would go into depth exploring Faye’s early life and her relationship with Cindy’s mother. What made Anastasis turn so evil. What Drusella’s life is like now, and how she fell in love with and married her high school sweetheart Max. But the biggest regret is Ryan Charming. He had such a interesting childhood growing up as the only son of the Leader of the Free World. Creating a side story dealing with Ryan’s childhood is still on the table, but not currently in the works.



That brings us to Generation 2.

My generation… I mean Stella Charming’s generation: Sleeping Beauty.

When Cindy was expecting her child we were not sure if it was going to be a boy or a girl. It was decided that if it was a girl, then the generation’s fairy tale would be Sleeping Beauty. If it had been a boy then the fairytale would have been… Nope, not going to tell you. That idea has been used for Lincoln.

But I might be willing to spill the beans if a certain duffle bag just happens to fall into my lap. And that duffle bag just happens to contain $1million. I might be willing to let you know Gen3’s fairy tale. Wink wink. Hint hint.



Socallucyfan was pleasantly surprised to see that Stella gained the best features from both her parents. She had Ryan’s black hair with purple highlights, and Cindy’s green eyes. Such features couldn’t be contained to just ​Once Upon a Legacy.

Really?! You mean to tell me that I am not the only supermodel here. Stella was used as a model is a few comps over on the official forums?!?! Here are some of the better pics (although if ​those are the best I’d hate to see the rest).



Anyway, back to the script.

The slogan for G2 would be, “better, but still learning.” As you can see the quality of the photos has increased tremendously. And Socallucyfan is getting better with every chapter. Stella’s generation was also more story driven, and less about a play by play of sim life. The characters were better developed, and not so one dimensional. Overall there really aren’t many things that she would do differently.

I have one idea: feature more of me!

But did you know that Socallucyfan contemplated killing off Brandon?!

Finally, we get to something good. Yes, I know that he is my son, I am supposed to love him no matter what. Blah, blah, blah. He ruined my plans, and got in the way of me having it all! He is insufferable just like the rest of them!!



Yes that is right, Socallucyfan toyed around with the idea of killing Brandon. He was planned to die during a mission for the military. He would have died a hero, but it would have left Stella without her prince charming and her happily ever after. Being the hopeless romantic that Socallucyfan is, she just couldn’t allow that. So in the name of romance, Brandon lived!

Socallucyfan also toyed with the idea of Stella going away to med school and falling in love with someone there. During the Winter Break she brings him back to Twinbrook to meet her family. It is then that she also runs into Brandon for the first time since breaking the curse. She is torn between these two men, but eventually picks the man from med school (he never lied to her). The whole thing played out very much like the movie The Way We Were.

That idea was scrapped for several reasons.   One, that would have added a bunch of new chapters, and Socallucyfan already felt that the story was getting long. And two, Brandon broke the curse making him Stella’s one and only true love. She couldn’t be with anyone but him.

Gag, romance is SO overrated!!



Finally, we have our current OUaL heir; Lincoln James Charming. We are just getting to know Lincoln, but as most of you know from your comments, Socallucyfan is having so much fun writing for him. He is nothing like Stella or Cindy, and it has been entertaining seeing just how selfish he can be.

You know, I have been reading some of your comments, and I have to say that I do NOT agree with most of them. Personally, I don’t see anything wrong with the way Lincoln acts. You all call him narcissistic like that is a bad thing!



And I know that everyone is excited to see the big fairy tale reveal.

Again, if you don’t want to wait you know what you have to do. Wink wink!

The big reveal will be in the next few chapters. Until then I will leave you with a sneak peak for the next chapter.



Wait, that’s it?!?! But I’m not ready to go back yet. That place is like a prison. Fine, if I have to go back then at least leave the people with more pictures of me. Remember me as my fabulous self! And take care, Bitches!!

Mal photo 2

Author’s Note: You didn’t think that I would let Maleficent have the last word did you? Well, I won’t ramble on the way she did. But I do need to say one more time how completely blown away I am that another Blogiversary has passed (at least I was on time with this one).

Again, thank you for all of your support. I have learned so much about myself, and my writing. I am more confident than I was when I started and that is in large part thanks to all of your continuous comments and encouragement. So, again THANK YOU!!







30 thoughts on “Second Blogiversary Special

  1. Wow, I saw this in my reader and the third word was “bitches”. I was so surprised. Then the pictures didn’t want to load and I thought it’d be Lincoln. So surprised to see Maleficent! It was lovely to have her as our host, though.
    I have so many regrets and not only on my generation 1. It’s so not my first story, but I was so messed up with my knowledge of English which I honestly believed was better than it actually was. You are in reality one of my favorite readers as you commented on the prologue in December 2016 (31st actually as I checked. Almost 2017!) and I started the story in May. I updated the pictures in the first chapters, because those were really the bad ones, because of memories’ quality. I set up exactly the same setting, but it was excruciating anyway. At least that was improved. I totally understand why you wouldn’t want to do that for your story.
    Again, I get you on so many regrets for the undeveloped characters, or rather underdeveloped.
    Wow, you honestly considered killing off Brandon? I’m so glad you didn’t. Truthfully, I did consider killing off Reggie. Spoiler alert: he doesn’t die.
    I love your Stella photoshoot. She is indeed very pretty! Lovely!
    If only I had a million to pay Maleficent. Can’t wait for the big reveal!
    Congratulations on your blogiversary! Keep going! ♥

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much for the comment. I am one of your favorite readers? Really? That means so much. You are too kind. 🙂
      I thought that you would be proud of me for getting this done on my actually blogiversary date (again I never received any sort of note from WP).
      I know a few writers who have wishes of re-do’s for their first generations. So, you and I are not alone. I still want to redo some of the older pictures, since the graphics card on my old computer was crap. But there are many other things I would rather do instead.
      I’m glad you liked the pictures of Stella. I actually got 4th place in one of those comps (which is my best placing so far).
      And I thought about killing Brandon or not having them end up together, mainly because I didn’t think the story had enough drama in it. But decided that it would go against the fact that he is the one who broke the curse in the first place.
      And I am happy to see that Reggie doesn’t die! You had me worried there when you said that he didn’t want to retire any time soon.
      Last, but not least, thank you again for another year of support and encouragement. ❤ ❤

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Well, that is awkward, because I actually meant “first”. But you are one of my favorites as a bonus, so that is still a fact! You’re just ever supportive and kind, which is very sweet.
        I am proud of you! Well done! I get my notification each May 20th, but I have things prepared for it always before that pops up.
        Yeah, we are definitely not alone! Just as I said, it extends to other generation for me as well. I love Dellie, but wish I had done this better.
        These pictures are fabulous! I am not surprised.
        No, Reggie doesn’t die, in that I can assure you. 😉
        Thank you for the very same coming from you. ♥

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Happy bloggiversary 😀 You’ve come pretty far in these years! I was kind of shocked that your first words here were ‘What up, bitches’. I was like… wait, that’s not like her… then I realised what you were doing, ahhah 😀 She’s quite the mouthful!
    Anyway, congratulations again, and thank you for sharing this with us ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, Maleficent is quite the mouthful. For sure. 🙂
      I too am pretty pleased with how far I have come. But I can always get better.
      Thank you for your sweet words of encouragement this past year. It was a trial at times for sure, but better for it in the long run.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. For sure!
        BTW- the last picture’s pose had Maleficent’s arm cutting through the hair of my sim self and it looked totally wonky. But thanks to your awesome tutorial you just posted I was able to use the stamp edit to fit it.
        So, thanks again. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

  3. That was lovely! ❤️ Maleficent was an unexpected but fun host. 😂. I loved reading about the journey. It’s fun (horrifying) how much we learn and grow as we do our stories. 😊. Can’t wait for Lincoln’s reveal. I have to say I’m stumped.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Maleficent is one of my favorites (just don’t tell her that, her ego is already too big).
      We certainly grow a lot, don’t we. It feels like just yesterday I was clumsily stumbling my way through my first blog post. Now look at me, still stumbling but not as much. 🙂
      And thank you for all of your kind words of encouragement over this past year(s). Your comments mean so much. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  4. I don’t really know fairy tales that well, but if you’re including myths I would guess Icarus or something.. Lincoln is defo flying too close to the sun! It’s no wonder maleficant likes him and his narcissistic personality!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you. Two years has been a long time, but in some ways it still feels like it was only yesterday that I was stumbling though my first few posts.
      But thanks to this awesome helpful community I have the confidence to continue on (and learn more than a few tips and tricks along the way).

      Liked by 1 person

    This was so awesome in every way! Maleficent’s commentary cracked me up, lmaooo!! 😂 Hey Maleficent: How about ctrl+alt+c “motherlode x 20”? Yeah, I think that cuts it. Now I’m ready to know Lincoln’s fairytale, okay? 😁
    I didn’t know Stella moonlighted as a model! She’s seriously stunning 😍 (yeah, you too Maleficent, please don’t turn me into a frog or something 😁) And oh wow, you thought about killing Brandon off or making him not end up with his true love? You can’t even imagine how happy I am you didn’t go through with either! The hopeless romantic in me thanks you! ❤ ❤
    I loved all those pictures and I'm so glad you decided to use WordPress so we could find out your story! 😄 Here's to a lot more blogiversaries to come! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Your comments always seem to make me smile. Thank you. 🙂
      The main idea behind killing Brandon was to try to add more drama to the story. But I can’t deny the hopeless romantic side of me. In the end love won ❤ ❤ ❤
      I like WP over tumblr, because it is so much easier to navigate. Plus, there is more of a community feel here where everyone is always leaving encouraging comments.
      Speaking of which, I have to say thank you for yet another year of your constant support and encouragement. You have always been so super sweet. Thank you.
      And here's to many more years indeed!! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  6. Congratulations on your second blogiversary ❤ I loved reading your thoughts on each generation and the epic progress you have made.
    This was an amazing special with the best host, of course! Maleficent is hilarious, and I suppose Lincoln inherited her narcissism haha.
    Oooooh, if you killed off my fave Brandon, I would have been sooo mad! Thank goodness you decided to keep him alive and well 😀
    I'm really looking forward to finding out Lincoln's fairytale. I have zero idea what it might be, but I know it will be great!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words. They mean more to me than you know. If you haven’t noticed I sort of look up to you, as a guide to what I wish my story could be.
      Talking with Maleficent it is easy to see where Lincoln gets his narcissistic personality from. Just don’t go around calling her “grandma”.
      I think everyone would have hated me if I had killed Brandon, including myself. The hopeless romantic in me will always win. ❤ ❤ ❤

      Liked by 1 person

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