Chapter 3.3 King of the World

Side Note: Just a quick little note to let you know that I recently updated the blog with a new header image with Lincoln as a teen. I also added a few bloopers for Generation 3.


As predicted high school is no different than elementary school. The only thing that has changed is that now the girls are prettier and don’t think that I have cooties. Which is good for me, since I am the prime example of physical perfection. What girl can’t resist my combination of blonde hair, blues eyes, and charming smile. I mean, my last name is Charming after all.

As predicted I, Lincoln James Charming, am as popular as ever! Which means that I am as powerful as ever. The kids at school are as gullible as ever, and I can manipulate them however I want. They do what I tell them to do. They wear what I tell them to wear. I could come to school wearing my clothes inside out and backwards and the next day everyone would do the same thing calling me a trendsetter. They eat what I tell them to eat. Aunt May has quadrupled the sales of her homemade jelly because I told everyone in school that her jelly is the best, and the only one they should eat. I have total power at school. I am the King of the World!!



I have easily mastered the drums and the piano. Miss Melanie couldn’t be prouder of her prize pupil. I have now moved onto mastering the guitar. As a kid I had a hard time wrapping my arms around the instrument. Now that I am older it is the perfect next step in my Evolution of Awesomeness!! The guitar combines the badassness of the drums with the portability of an electric keyboard. And the girls go crazy over me.

Girls love musicians and I know that the next logical step in making myself even more mind-blowingly amazing (if that was even possible) is to become a professional musician. When I turn 18 I am moving to Bridgeport to become a Rock Star!!

Collage Linc Serinade


Even though this generation is all about me, giving me the best outlet to document all of my brilliant accomplishments, I can catch you up on the rest of the family as well. Think of me as the star of this movie called My Awesome Life, and the rest of my family is the supporting cast. Remember, there are no small parts, but no part is as big or as important as mine!

Anyway, I can tell you that Mom and Dad are same old Mom and Dad. Mom is still a doctor, and Dad still works at the military base. They still love each other to the point that it is almost sickening. Nothing new or exciting there.



Autumn is excelling in school (no real big surprise there either). She is a genius just like Mom or Aunt April, but Autumn is like Albert Einstein level genius. She is already taking college level courses, and is already being recruited by all of the top universities. And don’t worry, no one has picked on her since that jerk Aaron in grade school. I have made sure of that!!



Willow shares my love of the animals. She is the only other person besides Grandpa that I would trust with Thor. Our cat and our dogs follow her everywhere like she is a mother duck, and the animals are her little ducklings. They even stand at the bathroom door waiting for her to come out. At night they all pile into her bed. I am surprised that there is any room for Willow herself. On top of all of that, she somehow convinced Dad to let her keep the canary that she found in the backyard as a pet (which brings the family pet total to 2 dogs, 1 cat, 3 fish, 2 horses, 2 turtles, and 1 canary). I can see why our pets (all animals actually) love her so much. Willow is kind, caring, and the most selfless kid that I know.



Grandma Cindy is still good old Grandma Cindy (although don’t tell her I called her old). She is always humming a happy tune, constantly smiling, and having Grandma Cindy greet us when we come home from school with a plate of freshly baked cookies is always a plus.



I know that I keep mentioning this, but it is always worth repeating; Everyone wants to be my friend and hang out with me after school. That being said, I have a small group of friends that I have close to me. They are my posse, my minions, my entourage. First we have JD Foster. He is the comedian of the group. He always has a quick, sarcastic response when you need one the most. He makes me laugh like no one else. He can be rude at times, but he has never been anything but polite to my family (he knows what would happen if he disrespects anyone that I care about).

Second, there is Alex Nash. He is the athletic one; the quarterback of our school’s football team. Alex is also the second most popular boy in school (I don’t think I have to tell you who is #1). I have no athletic aspirations, so I am no threat, but I can tell that Alex doesn’t always like being in my shadow. We stay friends because it is easier to be friends than to be enemies (and I’m sure that Alex doesn’t want to end up a social reject like Aaron from grade school).

Last, but not least, there is George Reynolds. George is my right hand man. My #2; the brother I never had. There aren’t enough nice things that I can say about George. George’s parents are Rachel and Carson, my parent’s best friends. George has been my best friend since we were toddlers, and we have grown up together closer than brothers. He helped me build my tree house into the Fortress of Awesomeness, helped me name my band, and says he will be my manager in Bridgeport. When I had the chickenpox he was at my house playing video games and helping me catch up on my missed homework. I am not naïve. I know that everyone wants to be my friend, not because they like me but because of what I can do for them (it works both ways since I use the kids at school just the same). But not George. He has had my back since grade school. George is the one person I can actually call my friend.

Linc Posse


One thing that hasn’t changed, and that will never change, is how much I love spending time with Grandpa Ryan. Don’t get me wrong, I love my entire family. There isn’t anything that I wouldn’t do for any of them. I wouldn’t think twice about keeping them safe and happy. But Grandpa just gets me like no one else does. When I was a kid he helped me take care of Thor. He taught me about life, and told me stories about spinning wheels and evil stepmothers. I was able to tell him things that I couldn’t tell anyone, even Dad. When I told Grandpa that I wanted to be a famous Rock Star he told me to follow my dreams. Even though he has gotten older, we still go riding whenever we can. But it is not just about the horses. We both love the outdoors and we go camping and fishing all the time.

My favorite thing to do with Gramps is every football game day we have a tradition that started when I was still in diapers. We wear our Twinbrook Gnomes gear and root for our favorite team on the TV in his home. It is not the biggest TV on the lot, but in that house it is just the two of us. Just me, Grandpa Ryan, and Grandma Cindy’s homemade spinach dip. Wow, my life is perfect. Nothing bad is ever going to happen to me ever!!



Genderbending Once Upon a Legacy


I have finally had some free time

, and I was able to complete the Genderbend Challenge using my Once Upon a Legacy Characters.  I didn’t want to use Lincoln, since he is just now aging up to a teen.  So instead I used some of the characters that we haven’t seen in a while.

First we have Stella & Brandon:



I was not surprised at how much Stella looks like her father.  But the last picture looks like Ryan is cheating on Cindy with a blonde.

I also tried this with April, May, & June:




Last, but never least, I just had to include my favorite character Maleficent:


(is it weird that Maleficent is my favorite character to write for???)

Chapter 3.2 New Talents Discovered


I had my first music lesson today. I was not as excited as you would think I should be. There were a couple of reasons why I was mad. First off, this music school wasn’t even at a real school. It was at some random lake house. Second, I was also mad that Mommy made me dress up in my nice clothes that are very uncomfortable. How am I suppose to play if I can’t move my arms? Last but most importantly, I was mad because I had to leave my drum set back at home. That wouldn’t be so bad, but there were no drum sets at the school. No drums at all!!! What kind of music school doesn’t have drums?!

“I’m sorry this isn’t ideal,” Mommy could see how mad I was about not having drums. “Miss Melanie is the best music teacher in town, and she is really nice. In fact I think learning the piano will make you a better drum player!”

Mommy smiled at me to try to cheer me up, but I didn’t understand. What does learning piano have to do with being an awesome drum player? I wanted to leave and never return.

Then she answered the door and I saw her.



I took one look at Miss Melanie and I fell in love. She is the prettiest person I have ever saw, and she smelled like roses. And Miss Melanie is really really nice and smiles at me all the time. The best part of the music lesson was that Miss Melanie sat right next to me on the piano bench as she taught me the different songs!!

And even though playing the piano isn’t as fun as playing the drums, it was just as easy. Miss Melanie started out teaching me what she called a “simple tune”. I was able to learn that song super fast. I only had to look at the sheet music once before I was able to play the tune by heart. We moved on to a “harder” song, but to me it was just as easy. The hour flew by and before I knew it Mommy was back to pick me up.



“I have never had a student who was so naturally talented.” Miss Melanie told Mommy. “Lincoln had no troubles playing the same piece that I use for my advanced class.”

Mommy and Miss Melanie went outside to talk about me and my first day of lessons. They thought that I was eating a cookie in the kitchen. But I could still hear what they were saying about me.

“Do you really think that he is that gifted?” Mommy asked.

She was surprised, and proud that I was so good. Miss Melanie and Mommy talked about me for what felt like forever. Not that I minded at all. I liked being the center of attention. In fact, I really really liked it. I realized that I could quickly become the most popular boy in school by showing off my musical skills.



I brought my drum set for Show and Tell so much, that my teacher told me to stop and bring something else. That was when I got Mommy and Daddy to buy me a portable piano, and I started playing that for the class.

Hearing the other kids cheer my name gave me the best feeling in the world, which they should since I am so awesome. Finally, others are seeing just how awesome I really am. And I like the fact that other kids are jealous of me. The kids in my class see how cool and popular I am, and they all want to be my friend. And I can use that to my advantage to become even more popular, and get people to do what I want.

Collage Link at school


There is an older boy, Aaron, that keeps picking on Autumn. He is older and bigger than me, so I can’t fight him with my fists. But I can beat him another way. Everyday kids fight to sit by me at the lunch table. One day I had the idea that if any kid wanted to sit with me at lunch then they would never be able to sit with Aaron ever again; forever! They couldn’t sit with Aaron at lunch ever again, and they can’t ever play with him on the playground or talk to him in class or on the bus.

My plan worked without a hitch. No one wanted to have anything to do with Aaron. He was a bigger outcast than that kid that eats worms. But it didn’t solve my problem, because Aaron still picked on Autumn. Then I had another brilliant idea. It was time to give Aaron a taste of his own medicine.

If I could get kids to not talk to him so easily, then I could get them to tease Aaron too. It would be just as easy. I told all of the kids at the lunch table that I saw Aaron at the hospital because he still wets the bed. The story wasn’t true, but since Mommy is a doctor no one questioned me. The rumors grew and spread so fast that everyone was now picking on Aaron, instead of Aaron picking on Autumn. Finally, one day Aaron stopped coming to school. I heard that he had to go to another school because he was being bullied.

And it was all because of me! Autumn was no longer being picked on by Aaron, because I got everyone to tease him instead. It was all because of me and my popularity. I learned that popularity means power. And I was the most powerful kid in school. And my popularity will only grow as I get older.

High School here I come!!



If any of you are a fan of Smoke ‘n’ Roses by Sempreviva then you would have recognized the lovely Rose Briar playing the part of Miss Melanie.

I have been a huge fan of this story, which was turned into a legacy, and when Sempreviva put Rose on her blog for download I knew that I had my Miss Melanie. All credit and a big THANK YOU goes to Sempreviva. And if you are not a follower of her story then I suggest you start!!