Generation 2

OUaL G2 Chapter Pic


Traits: loves the outdoors, ambitious, genius, over emotional, & heavy sleeper

Likes: fruit parfait, Indie music, & purple

Lifetime Wish: Avoid spinning wheels at all cost.

Chapter 2.1 A Sleeping Beauty

Chapter 2.2 The Highs and Lows of Childhood

Chapter 2.3 The End of Childhood

Chapter 2.4  Stella’s Super Fun Summer

Chapter 2.5 Another New Friend

Chapter 2.6 Big Plans

Chapter 2.7 First Date

Chapter 2.8 Second Date, First Fight

Chapter 2.9 Stella’s 18th Birthday

Chapter 2.10 A Curse Fulfilled

Chapter 2.11 Too Little Too Late

Chapter 2.12 A Call to Bravery

Chapter 2.13 Four Months Later

Chapter 2.14 A Stranger Returns

Chapter 2.15 Second Chance

Chapter 2.16 Breaking Point

Chapter. 2.17 Stella’s Winter Wonderland

Chapter 2.18 The Day That Changed Everything

Chapter 2.19 Halo

Chapter 2.20 A Hero’s Welcome

Chapter 2.21 I Choose You

Chapter 2.23 Could Things Be Any More Perfect

Chapter 2.24 Perfectly Unpredictable

Chapter 2.25 Perfection Multiplied

Chapter 2.26 The Edge of Darkness

Chapter 2.27 Therapy Sessions and Life Lessons

Epilogue: Reflections & Transitions