Chapter 3.17 Something’s Gotta Change

Side Note:  Just a small warning that there are more than a few swear words in this chapter.  But after all that Lincoln has been through, can you really blame him?  Also, in the first picture, please ignore the beer bottle that Linc is drinking and imagine that it is a cough syrup bottle.


I was so irritated; I couldn’t think straight. My paws were shaking, and my ears were droopy. I needed something to calm me down, but after tearing apart the kitchen all I could find was some children’s cough syrup that had long expired. It smelled foul, and the cherry flavor was replaced with a bitter flavor. No matter, it would have to do the trick. After a shot or two (or six) I started to feel less flustered, but I was still mad as hell.

“Fuck, shit, monkey, damn,” all I wanted to do was curse, and when I ran out of curse words I started shouting random words. “Hell, bitch, spoon, fart balls.”



“What is wrong with this town?” I asked myself once I began to stop shaking. I paced back and forth in frustration as I tried to make sense of the events that had just unfolded on my front lawn. “Has everyone lost their ever fucking loving minds?”

These were, of course, rhetorical questions. Yet Bert still felt the need to chime in with his two cents.

“I don’t ​want to say I told you so… but I did. I very much told you so. And I fear that this is not over yet. Not by a long shot.”

“Why do these things always happen to me?” I pretended to ignore Bert, and kept up my self pity rant. “Why do bad things happen to me? What did I do to deserve this? I know what went wrong; it’s me. I always do this; I get too involved. I care too much! I am too nice to people.”



“I need to stop being too damn nice to people.” I resolved. “I am done with being everyone’s friend. I don’t need any of these stupid townies. Ryker, Camilla, Flint, Euclid: they can all go to hell. They can all fuck themselves for all I care. All I care about is trying to break this stupid curse that I’ve been put under.”

“Well, how do you plan on doing that?” Bert always has a reply for everything. “And while being all on your own? I don’t see any spell books laying around here. Do you?”

Damn it, Bert had a point. I didn’t have a clue on how to break this spell, or where to even start. I tried the library; it was a bust. Not to mention, me going to the library is how this whole cluster fuck thing started. Then it dawned on me…




“Mira is a witch.” I realized. “I can use her to find a spell to break this curse! She has probably over a million books in that stupid house of hers. One of them must be of use to me. Of course, why didn’t I think of that before?”

“I don’t know if ​using her is the right thing to do.” Bert once again had voice his opinion that no one asked for. “She seems like a nice girl. Did you ever think that maybe she would help you if you just asked nicely? No strings attached.”

“I know that you have been stuck in that mirror for plumbob knows how long. But I have a newsflash for you; no one does anything for anyone else without strings attached. People don’t do things just for the sake of being nice. No, I will only use Mira for her magic. Nothing more. But in order to do that I will have to go on like nothing is the matter. I have to be her best friend. I will lay on the Charming Charm so thick that she will be eating out of my hand, I mean paw, before long.”

“What about Ryker and the pack? At times like these, you can never have too many allies.”

“Ugh, I guess I will have to keep being a part of that stupid pack. I will put up with them too, I guess. Plumbob, this also means that I will have to put up with those insufferable friends of Mira’s; Renatta and Flint too. And her loony toons of a father. But it will all be for the sake of finding me a cure.”

“I still don’t think this is such a good idea. Deception is never the answer.”

“And when the curse is gone, and I am back to my former awesome self, it will be good bye Moonlight Falls forever!!”



So that is exactly what I did. I texted Mira right away and asked her to come over. When she showed up I played the part of scared, helpless werewolf so well that I even started to convince myself.

“Thank you so much for stepping in when you did.” I whimpered. “I hate to think what would have happened if you hadn’t helped me… and Ryker.”

Mira had two cups of coffee from her stupid coffee shop that she loves so much. She placed my cup in front of me, but I moved it to the side. After all of that expired cough syrup my stomach was doing somersaults.

“Are you still hurt?” Mira extended her hand across the table to reach mine. As a reflex I pulled my paw away. At first I thought that Mira was going to be offended, but if she was she didn’t let it show.

“I can put some warding up around your house.” she politely offered with a smile. Her rainbow colored eyes regaining that sparkle. “It won’t keep Alcander out, but at least it will keep the vampires at bay.”

I flashed my best sad puppy dog look and timidly said, “that sounds very nice of you.”

All the while I was proud of my charade. And the Academy Award for Best Actor goes to… ME!!