Chapter 1: Week 1

Thank you again for checking out my Legacy Blog.  This is my first attempt at The Cinderella Challenge, so here is how the first week went.
Cindy usually has just enough time before school to make sure all of the beds were made.  I figured she should get a head start on all of the chores that she has to do.
Dursella started her day with a giant tub of ice cream.  After all it is the breakfast of champions.
And while the three girls are at school I sent Missy out on the town.  Riverview happens to be one of my favorite towns, so of course I had to start my legacy there.
Missy has loads of simmolians and all the time in the world.  The first stop was the movie theater.  Then a trip to the spa for the works, and finally she had lunch at the Bistro.
And Missy isn’t the only Evil out on the town.  Lucifur wanted to explore the town for herself.  Here she is “making friends” with some locals at the Cat Park.
As soon as Cindy got home from school she had to start on her chores.  She had already made the beds, but she still had to take out the trash, clean the dishes, then clean the sink and finally scrub the toilets.  By the time she was finished with everything she had no time for her homework.
And Anastasis brought home a friend.  They did homework together.  It was starting to look  like Anastasis has herself a new BFF.  That is until Lucifur came around.  With Lucifur being so adorable the poor sim took one look into those big brown eyes and felt compelled to pet her.  Once she was under Lucifur’s spell, the unsuspecting sim was mercilessly attacked.
And thus ends my first week of the challenge.  I actually did better than I thought I would have.  Cindy is able to make up her missed homework during class.  So, she has more time at home to take care of the chores.  And I am having fun playing Missy and Lucifur.
Plus, this is also my first attempt at making a blog.  So, please bare with me as I try things out.
Well, thanks for reading this.  And have a great day, or night depending on when you are reading this.

Chapter 3: Childhood Comes to an End

As always, thank you for taking the time to read my Fairy Tale Legacy.  From here on out the chapters become more like a story and less like a play by play of the Cinderella Challenge.

Missy woke up with a mission to accomplish.  Her girls are about to become teenagers and therefore deserve the best party money can buy.  Missy spared no expense hiring the best caterer, decorating the house with tons of balloons and flowers, and even paying off some of the school children so they would attend.

But for Cindy it is just another day full of chores.  Missy has ordered Cindy to stay down in her basement until the party is over, which is fine for Cindy.  She is enjoying spending her last few moments of her childhood dancing to the music from an old radio she found under a bunch of boxes.
Cindy was having so much fun that she didn’t hear her basement door open.  It wasn’t until Cindy heard Lucifur meowing along with the music that she realized the cat was there.  Together they danced and sang to their favorite songs.
Screenshot-1202 Screenshot-1030

Upstairs the Party of the Century, is turning out to be a real dud.  Missy bribed all of the kids in Riverview, but not even half of them showed up.

“Stupid kids!” Missy complained loud enough for all of Riverview to hear.  “$10 just doesn’t go as far as it used to.”
And not only did no one show up for the party, but the bakery messed up the order.  Missy had ordered a giant 10 layer chocolate and strawberry cake for each of the girls.  But what showed up were two small vanilla cakes.
“I’ll have the baker’s head for this!” Missy shouted, taking her frustrations out on the delivery boy.  Hearing this Anastasis threw a tantrum and locked herself in her room.
At least Drusella was having fun playing video games with one of the boys who showed up.
Cindy has made a cake of her own.  Over the last few days she has taken various ingredients from the main kitchen and brought them to her tiny fridge in the basement.  After a while Cindy has collected enough items to make herself a small cupcake with her easy bake oven.

Now is the time for the two little Evils to age up into the two teenage Evils.  Drusella and Anastasis changed into their formals and took their places to blow out the candles.

Missy could only sigh at the pathetic little cakes she had spent her money on.  And it wasn’t even about the money.  Or the other children.  Or even about making sure her daughters had a fun birthday party.  For Missy this whole day has been about showing off her money and her status around town.  And those small cakes where two symbols of how little the townspeople thought of her.
But as for Drusella, cake is cake!
“I wish for some ice cream to go with this cake.” she thought as she blew out the candles.
And here she is a teen.  She gained the slob trait, and about 200 pounds!

Next was Anastasis’s turn to blow out the candles.  And the fact that her party was a flop was not lost on the her.

“I wish I was the most popular girl in school.”  she hoped as she blew out the candles.  “That will teach them!”
And here is Anastasis as a teen.  She gained the flirty trait.  The boys of Riverview better watch out.

After the party was over, the cake eaten, and the other children sent home, Missy ordered Cindy to clean up.  She quickly did as she was told.

    Cindy was at the sink when she felt the warm body of Lucifur rub up against her legs.  The cat that every sim thought was evil, who hisses and Anastasis and Drusella, found a friend in Cindy.  And now it was as if the cat was wishing Cindy a Happy Birthday.
    Cindy kissed Lucifur on the forehead before she made her way down to her basement.  It was there that Cindy aged up into a teenager.
    All alone, but not forgotten.  Another sim out there was thinking about Cindy.  Wishing her a Happy Birthday, and planning her visit.
 And thus ends Sapter 3.  I know it isn’t much of a cliffhanger, but I wanted to wait to show you Cindy as a teen.  And to keep you wondering who that other Sm is.  As always have a great day, or night depending on when you are reading this.

Chapter 2: The Kids Are Alright

Despite spending all of her time catering to her evil stepfamily, and not sleeping much, Cindy has managed to get onto the honor roll.  I am so proud.


Drusella and Anastasis also made the honor roll, but this really isn’t about them.


Meanwhile, Missy couldn’t care less.  She has been too busy spending her dead husband’s money.  Who ever said, “more money; more problems” was not a sim with the motherlode cheat.

While the girls are at school Missy spends her time at the spa, the movie theater, the bistro, or relaxing in her hot tub.


The weekend is a different story, because the rest of the Evils get to party too.  Drusella took a moment to enjoy a freezer bunny ice cream.  It looks like she’s enjoying it a bit too much.


And after the ice cream break, Missy took her girls the community pool.  Drusella was sick, and didn’t spend much time swimming.  Instead she spent her time by the swing set all alone.

Ananstasis, meanwhile, had fun playing with the other children.  And by playing with them, I mean she splashed at them and held their heads underwater.  Then after she got out of the pool she had her own personal dance party.


Of course the weekend also means a break for Cindy as well.  Plus, with Missy and her brats out of the house, Cindy can finally have some time to herself.  She got up early and finished her chores in record time.  Afterwards she enjoyed some leftover pancakes.  For the first time since her dad’s death Cindy was able to eat inside the dining room and not downstairs in her basement.  But her fun didn’t stop there.

She took a bubble bath in Missy’s tub, played Drusella’s videogames, then had fun bouncing on the trampoline.  But why should Cindy’s fun be confined to only the house?
Cindy rode her bike to the park to find some friends of her own.  Random sims better start showing up soon, before Cindy has to leave.  I have to get her home before Missy and her brats come home and realize that Cindy isn’t there.

Meanwhile the Evils were enjoying their time on the town.  After the pool Missy took the girls out to eat.  And as much as these two girls eat, it cost Missy a small fortune.  As you can see Drusella is really enjoying her food. (whatever that is)


Some other Sims finally showed up, and Cindy had a chance to play with come kids her own age.


How cute!  Lucifur made a friend at the cat park.  The new friend is pro ponies while Lucifur is anti leaves.


But all of this fun must come to an end.  The Evils are home, Cindy is forced back down to her basement.

So this is where I leave you.  With one of my many funny pictures of Lucifur.  Thank you so much for checking out my legacy blog.  And have a great day, or night depending on when you are reading this.

Introductions & Cast of Characters

Hello there, and thanks for checking out my blog.  This is my attempt at a Sims 3 Legacy.  But this isn’t your everyday, run of the mill, legacy.  It is a fairy tale legacy.  Each generation will be based on a different fairy tale. Generation 1 starts with the TS3 Cinderella Challenge.  I don’t follow all of the legacy rules, but I do follow the challenge rules as closely as possible. Anyway, let’s start out with some introductions:


Name: Missy Evil

Traits: Childish, Snob, Flirt, Dislikes Children, and of course Evil

Life Time Wish: Marry a rich man then watch him crock and inherit all of his money.


Name: Drusella Evil

Traits: Coach Potato, Slob, and Absent Minded

LTW: Be lazy and do as little work as possible.

Name: Drusella Evil Traits: Coach Potato, Slob, and Absent Minded LTW: Be lazy and do as little work as possible.


Name: Anastasis Evil

Traits: Snob, Evil, and Artistic

LTW: Bag a rich husband just like her mother.


Name: Cindy Rella

Traits: Neat, Friendly, and Good

LTW: Find her Prince Charming, so she can get the hell out of her stepmother’s house!!


And, last but not least:

Name: Lucifur Evil

Traits: Clueless, Playful, and Destructive

LTW: She is a cat.  All she cares about is her food and her toys.