Chapter 2.2 The Highs and Lows of Childhood

I have mentioned several times before, or just in case you forgot, that my computer crashed in the middle of the second generation. As a result, I don’t have as many pictures as I would like. Generation 1 wasn’t so bad because I had most of the pictures saved onto Photobucket. I am not so lucky this time, and have very limited pictures of Stella as a child. I still want to put out a good chapter, and the process as been like building the Great Wall of China with Legos.

The next few chapter will be very light with pictures, but I promise I will make it up one Stella becomes a teen!!

As always, have a great day, or night depending on when you are reading this!


Stella is doing very well in school, just like her mom. She is on the honor roll, and her teacher has nothing but wonderful things to say about her. Everyday she comes home excited to tell her aunts all about what happened at school.

Stella would talk a mile a minute without stopping to take a breathe. “Auntie May, today at recess I caught a bug. Auntie June, guess what?! Today I got to play soccer during PE and I scored a goal!! I got an A on my spelling test, Auntie April. Can we put it on the fridge with the others?”

The cherry on top was the surprise waiting for Stella when she got home.  Her Auntie Fay had stopped by for a visit.

“How was your day a school my little jellybean?” Fay greeted her little jellybean with a warm hug.

“Today we learned about dinosaurs, and fractions”. Stella told Fay every detail about her day.  “Did you know that they used to roam the Earth before humans, but now they are all extinct. Dinosaurs, I mean. Not fractions”

Fay smiled down at the little girl.  Her eyes sparkled with wonder and innocence.  “She looks so much like Cindy in the face, but she has Ryan’s dark purple hair and emerald green eyes.” Fay thought to herself.

Fay knew better than to mention anything like that in front of the little girl.  There are many dangers out in the world that wanted to harm little Stella.  Fay knew for a fact that Anastasis had sent out scouts to try and locate the girl.  How many scouts, or where they all were sent, no one knew for sure. Still everyone involved agreed that the less Stella knew, the better she would be.  At least for now.

“One day I will tell her all about her parents, when she is a bit older” Fay decided “right now let her enjoy her gifts”

Fay handed Stella a small box, which she ripped open with excitement.  In the box she found a small gold necklace (a gift from Cindy herself, but Fay dare not speak of that now) and a book on horses (a gift from her father).

“I am going to read this book to Shang right now!” Shang is Stella’s teddy bear and the only gift that she knew about that came from her parents.

“After you finish your homework first”. April called to Stella from the kitchen.  She had set the table with the usual tea and cake for Fay’s visit.

“Dinner will be ready around 6.” May added.  “Fay will be joining us, so make sure you set five places at the table.”

Stella ran off to her room, got about halfway down the hall, then turned around to give her Auntie Fay another hug.  “I love you Auntie Fay.” she whispered.




The bus rides to and from school became an adventure for young Stella.  There was an excitement in the air that only the end of school can bring.  And with the end of the school year in sight, there was an added aura of excitement in the air. The students had dreams of staying up late and sleeping in all day.  There was talk of beach parties, sleepovers, and camp outs under the stars.

For Stella there was an added sense of excitement because in a few weeks she will be having a birthday and aging up to a teenager.  Her thoughts were filled with all of the new adventures that awaited her as a teen.  Her future is filled with driving lessons, school dances, and a later curfew.  And of course boys!

Stella wasn’t sure how she felt about boys.  She asked her friend Emerald Greenwood to ask her older sister what the boys in high school are like.  Her friend reported back that her sister said that the boys in high school kissed with their mouths open!

“That’s gross!” Stella and Emerald agreed.  Maybe she would feel different when she grew up, but right now Stella was as confused as ever.

Most of the boys that she knew didn’t seem so bad, although she had no desire to kiss any of them any time soon.  She liked playing soccer or basketball with them, but they didn’t always like it when she won.  There was one boy in her class, Thomas Castor, that Stella did not like at all. Thomas was nice at first, then out of the blue he pulled her hair as they were talking.  She didn’t say anything to make him mad.  He just pulled her hair and ran off before Stella could retaliate.

“He is only doing that because he likes you” June said after Stella told her everything.

“Just ignore him and he will stop” April added.

But he didn’t stop.  Instead Thomas poked her in the back when Stella tried ignoring him.  If boys pull your hair when they like you as a kid, what do they do when they are teens? Stella was determined to ask Auntie June when she came home from school.




Stella usually puts her backpack in her room, but there is no time for that today so she tossed it to the ground where she stood.  Stella is about to be a teen very soon, and her question can’t wait.  If the boys in high school  are going to pull her hair and try to kiss her with their mouths open Stella wanted to be prepared.

“Auntie June, I have a question,” Stella loudly announced as she walked through the door.

She didn’t have to yell to her aunts. They were all sitting in the living room waiting for her. April and May sat on the sofa while June sat on the settee next to them.

“Sit down, sweetie” May said patting the cushion in between herself and April.  “We have something we need to talk to you about.”

Stella also had something that she wanted to talk to them about too.  She took the seat in between April and May, but before she could ask her question April spoke.




“There is no easy way to say this, so I’m just going to say it.” April spoke softly and slowly.  Stella noticed her aunt’s eyes were red and puffy.  She had been crying.  Stella glanced over at Auntie May and Auntie June and noticed that they had been crying too.

“Your Auntie Fay passed away last night in her sleep.” April had a hard time getting the words out without crying.

“She was very old, Stella” May had to continue.  “She lived a very long and happy life.  And I know that she loved you very very much.”

“We are all going to miss her.” it was now June’s turn to speak.  “But she will always be in our hearts.”

Stella didn’t know what to do.  She wanted to cry, scream, and kick the wall, but she knew that wouldn’t change anything.

“When is the funeral?” was all Stella was able to say without bursting into tears.

“The funeral is in Riverview.  April and May will be going,” June said.  “but you and I will stay here,”

“Why can’t I come?” Stella’s grief quickly turned into anger.  Even though She hadn’t known Fay as long as her aunts did that was no reason why she couldn’t go to the funeral too.  The three Season sisters exchanged a quick glance at each other.  It was a quick glance yet not quick enough of Stella not to notice.  Stella could tell that  were keeping something from her.

“It’s not fair!” Stella pushed herself off of the couch and stormed into her room.  The second she let the door slam the tears started.  “It’s not fair.” she told Shang in between sobs.




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This is a tough question, because I have so many favorites. The most recent book I read was Hamilton by Ron Chernow. I am not the biggest fan of biographies, but I couldn’t put it down.

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Definitely an animal person. People are too unpredictable.

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Lucille Ball. I have been a huge fan of Lucille Ball and I Love Lucy for most of my life. One of my earliest memories is watching the show with my grandmother.

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Defiantly Donald Trump. I know that this isn’t the proper forum to share my political views, but in short he is making a mockery the whole political system and a country that I love very much!!

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Flying sounds like it would be fun.

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I am a huge fan of classic movies. Some of my favorites are Roman Holiday, Rebel Without a Cause, and Gone With the Wind

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Wow, this is a really good question. There are so many events that I wish I could change; 9/11, the Holocaust, Apartheid. I would go back to the first moment where people stopped loving each other, and started hating each other for no reason. That way none of the other horrible events would happen.


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