Second Blogiversary Special

Blogiversary #3

What up, Bitches? Surprised to see me? Well, Socallucyfan wanted to host another Blogiversary Special again, but I told her that I wanted to do it instead. Give the people what they want, am I right?!

At first she said no, but then I threatened to turn her husband into a banana slug, so she quickly changed her mind. While I was at it, I also demanded that this time I have a full stylist squad to pamper me and give me something better to wear. Finally, I am free from the hideous orange jumpsuit, and back to my pre-jail self. Don’t I look fabulous?


Before the shooting of this silly little special began, I was handed a script. From here on out, whatever I say that is in the script will be in ​bold​. My own personal thoughts will be in regular.

I am suppose to talk about what an amazing year this has been, and even though there have been tough personal moments Socallucyfan is so thankful to all of you wonderful readers for being so supportive, and blah blah blah.

What a sappy load of shit! We all know the real reason why the readers follow this blog. And it is because of me! Why not just show a bunch more pictures of my fabulous photoshoot?

Mal photo 1


Alright, the stupid director is threatening me that I have to follow the script or he will do the special with April, May, and June.

Those three?! GAG ME!!! Those three always ruin everything!!

Fine, I will play along. The director is just lucky that I am forced to wear this stupid armband that restricts my magic. Or else he would be toe fungus right now!



Anyway, back to the script. Socallucyfan wanted to share some behind the scenes fun facts with all of you. I think that her definition of fun is vastly different than mine. And I don’t know how interesting this will be for any of you.

Fine, fine, fine, I know. Back to the script.

It’s only right to start at the very beginning. If each generation had a catch phrase then Generation 1 would be, “I have no idea what I am doing”. Writing stories was not something new, Socallucyfan has been writing stories since she was a little girl. Her mom still has a story that she wrote when she was in 4th grade. The only thing is that Socallucyfan is not an artist. At all. Even her stick figures look wonky. Then she discovered The Sims.

This combined her love of writing with her love of taking pictures (and not having to draw). Time passes, The Sims 3 comes out, and Socallucyfan posts her first story on the official forum. And before long Once Upon a Legacy was born. Most of the original pictures were lost when Socallucyfan’s computer died, but she did manage to find scrap enough picture together for a comprehensible story.



Socallucyfan first posted her story on the Sims Writer’s Block. And independent site created by writers who were annoyed by the restrictions that the storyboards set which limited pictures, text, and content. It was on this site that Socallucyfan grew her confidence from the support of some very nice and talented writers. Unfortunately for Socallucyfan the site didn’t last very long. When the site closed Once Upon a Legacy laid dormant as a PowerPoint presentation on Socallucyfan’s computer.

And it is a good thing that the writing bug hit again. If Socallucyfan hadn’t of continued the story I wouldn’t be here. And all of you would have missed my lovely presence.

Anyway, back to the theme of being clueless during the first generation. Socallucyfan is not a computer wiz at all, and didn’t know the first thing about creating a blog. She started out on tumblr, then moved on to WordPress. Two years later the blog is still going strong, but Socallucyfan still has a lot to learn.



There are also some things that Socallucyfan wishes that she could do differently for her first generation: A Cinderella Challenge. The first thing would be the pictures. The quality is low, and looking back at the old chapters makes her cringe. In a perfect world Socallucyfan would go back and re-do the pictures, but really who has the time?

All I can say it is a good thing that the quality improved by the time I came into the picture. Beauty such as this must be captured at the fullest quality. Anything less would be an insult to me and a shame for my adoring fans who want to see me at my very best.

The other thing that Socallucyfan would do differently is she would spend more time on character development. She would go into depth exploring Faye’s early life and her relationship with Cindy’s mother. What made Anastasis turn so evil. What Drusella’s life is like now, and how she fell in love with and married her high school sweetheart Max. But the biggest regret is Ryan Charming. He had such a interesting childhood growing up as the only son of the Leader of the Free World. Creating a side story dealing with Ryan’s childhood is still on the table, but not currently in the works.



That brings us to Generation 2.

My generation… I mean Stella Charming’s generation: Sleeping Beauty.

When Cindy was expecting her child we were not sure if it was going to be a boy or a girl. It was decided that if it was a girl, then the generation’s fairy tale would be Sleeping Beauty. If it had been a boy then the fairytale would have been… Nope, not going to tell you. That idea has been used for Lincoln.

But I might be willing to spill the beans if a certain duffle bag just happens to fall into my lap. And that duffle bag just happens to contain $1million. I might be willing to let you know Gen3’s fairy tale. Wink wink. Hint hint.



Socallucyfan was pleasantly surprised to see that Stella gained the best features from both her parents. She had Ryan’s black hair with purple highlights, and Cindy’s green eyes. Such features couldn’t be contained to just ​Once Upon a Legacy.

Really?! You mean to tell me that I am not the only supermodel here. Stella was used as a model is a few comps over on the official forums?!?! Here are some of the better pics (although if ​those are the best I’d hate to see the rest).



Anyway, back to the script.

The slogan for G2 would be, “better, but still learning.” As you can see the quality of the photos has increased tremendously. And Socallucyfan is getting better with every chapter. Stella’s generation was also more story driven, and less about a play by play of sim life. The characters were better developed, and not so one dimensional. Overall there really aren’t many things that she would do differently.

I have one idea: feature more of me!

But did you know that Socallucyfan contemplated killing off Brandon?!

Finally, we get to something good. Yes, I know that he is my son, I am supposed to love him no matter what. Blah, blah, blah. He ruined my plans, and got in the way of me having it all! He is insufferable just like the rest of them!!



Yes that is right, Socallucyfan toyed around with the idea of killing Brandon. He was planned to die during a mission for the military. He would have died a hero, but it would have left Stella without her prince charming and her happily ever after. Being the hopeless romantic that Socallucyfan is, she just couldn’t allow that. So in the name of romance, Brandon lived!

Socallucyfan also toyed with the idea of Stella going away to med school and falling in love with someone there. During the Winter Break she brings him back to Twinbrook to meet her family. It is then that she also runs into Brandon for the first time since breaking the curse. She is torn between these two men, but eventually picks the man from med school (he never lied to her). The whole thing played out very much like the movie The Way We Were.

That idea was scrapped for several reasons.   One, that would have added a bunch of new chapters, and Socallucyfan already felt that the story was getting long. And two, Brandon broke the curse making him Stella’s one and only true love. She couldn’t be with anyone but him.

Gag, romance is SO overrated!!



Finally, we have our current OUaL heir; Lincoln James Charming. We are just getting to know Lincoln, but as most of you know from your comments, Socallucyfan is having so much fun writing for him. He is nothing like Stella or Cindy, and it has been entertaining seeing just how selfish he can be.

You know, I have been reading some of your comments, and I have to say that I do NOT agree with most of them. Personally, I don’t see anything wrong with the way Lincoln acts. You all call him narcissistic like that is a bad thing!



And I know that everyone is excited to see the big fairy tale reveal.

Again, if you don’t want to wait you know what you have to do. Wink wink!

The big reveal will be in the next few chapters. Until then I will leave you with a sneak peak for the next chapter.



Wait, that’s it?!?! But I’m not ready to go back yet. That place is like a prison. Fine, if I have to go back then at least leave the people with more pictures of me. Remember me as my fabulous self! And take care, Bitches!!

Mal photo 2

Author’s Note: You didn’t think that I would let Maleficent have the last word did you? Well, I won’t ramble on the way she did. But I do need to say one more time how completely blown away I am that another Blogiversary has passed (at least I was on time with this one).

Again, thank you for all of your support. I have learned so much about myself, and my writing. I am more confident than I was when I started and that is in large part thanks to all of your continuous comments and encouragement. So, again THANK YOU!!







Chapter 3.7 Things are Prom-tacular

Side Note: ​As Lincoln is getting older he is getting more arrogant and prideful. He is also throwing around swears like they are going out of style. Hopefully it is nothing too offensive. Just a heads up.



For an overall synopsis of the evening: Prom was pretty good. For my parents: Prom was a milestone to remind them that their firstborns are growing up. For Autumn: Prom was a fun party night. For Becca: Prom was… oh who cares?! This isn’t about her. Anyway, one thing I can say for sure: Prom was interesting.

As you may remember I was still shackled to Becca and therefore I was forced to suffer through her endless chatter about dresses, and corsages, and matching tuxedos, and whatever mind numbingly boring shit she was rambling on about. I know what you are thinking. You are wondering, “Lincoln you are way too nice to this girl, and I am sorry you have to suffer this way. Why are you are putting up with all of this?”

Well, thank you for your concern. I’m glad that at least ​someone cares about my pain. Your support is what has helped me get through the torture. I am silently, and selflessly, suffering while faking a smile for Becca. As for why I am treating Becca like a charity case; the answer is simple. I have every intention of cutting her loose soon. Why not give her a night to remember me by?

Becca spent way too much time talking about all of this prom crap, therefore she was not spending her time doing more important activities (if you know what I mean). I just thank the powers above that she did not make me go dress shopping with her. Poor Autumn was not so lucky.



Suffering through one more night with Becca wasn’t my only concern for that evening. Autumn is shy, and not as outgoing as I am, and doesn’t have a boyfriend. I was worried that she wouldn’t have a date for the night. We can’t have that. I wouldn’t accept her not going. Prom is suppose to be the biggest, most important, night of our teenage lives. Autumn works so hard at school maintaining her excellent GPA in all of her AP classes. Plus, she is so busy with all of her after school activities. She needed to enjoy the night. She deserves it. More than anything I wanted that for her.

I wanted her to feel like a princess for at least one night. I almost made Alex or JD ask her out, but before I got around to it, George asked her. Since George knows how protective I am of my younger sister, he asked me if it would be okay. He was nervous that she might say no, but I reassured him that he had nothing to worry about. My best friend stepped up, and proved that chivalry isn’t dead.

I was so happy for the both of them. I don’t want to jinx anything, but how great would it be if the two of them started dating? George is probably the only guy in school that is good enough, worthy enough, to date Autumn.



We all rented a limo, and met at our house at the start of the night. Autumn & Becca had fun girlying it up with George’s mother Sarah doing their hair and make-up. Apparently she is supposed to be good at stuff like that, but I really couldn’t care less. It took me less than an hour to shower and get ready. You would think that I would take as long to get ready as the girls took, but you would be wrong. I am just so naturally gifted when it comes to being physically stunning that it doesn’t take that long for me to get looking this amazing.

Autumn looked absolutely beautiful (she is my twin after all). Becca looked fine, I guess. Her dress was nice, and green like I had requested. Then again, she could be wearing a burlap sack and next to me she would look like a supermodel.

Are you surprised that Mom & Dad wanted to take like a million pictures of us?

Collage Prom 1


The night started out well enough. The Prom was at the ballroom at the Racket Wolfe Hotel. It was decorated with star themed wallpaper and balloons were littered all over the place. As soon as we arrived Becca and I made the rounds across the room to say hello to all of my adoring fans.

We would all be graduating soon, and moving on with our adult lives. This is one of the last nights we would all be together as teenagers. When I become a famous Rock Star with tons of adoring fans these students can say that they knew me when I was a teen. I wanted the sheep, I mean students, to have one last chance to feel like they are my friends/followers. It didn’t hurt that I was also using this as a chance to narrow down the choices for who would be replacing Becca.

Becca also wanted to take our picture in front of the overly cheesy romantic backdrop. That was fine, I guess, but I insisted that we take pictures with Autumn & George as well. I guess taking my picture with Becca, having her hang all over me while I fake a smile, wouldn’t be too terrible. Besides, it will be a memento for Becca to remember me by.



After schmoozing with my fans/followers Becca and I hit the dance floor. While dancing I was able to keep my eye on Autumn. I trusted George to not do anything inappropriate, but I still wanted to make sure that Autumn was having the time of her life. I didn’t care who else was having fun or not, but I wanted more than anything for Autumn to let loose and enjoy the night. Looking over at her dancing with George I saw her smile light up the entire room.



During one of the song breaks Becca took Autumn to the bathroom to check their makeup. I will never understand why girls always go to the bathroom in pairs? What are they doing in there?

Anyway, Becca was gone and I was approached by the Castor twins begging me to dance with them. How could I say no to the only other set of twins in Twinbrook? I’d be putting the name of my hometown to shame. Besides, it would only be for one song. I would be back before Becca ever knew I was gone. That didn’t happen though.

One song with the Castor twins turned into two songs. Two songs turned into three songs. Before I knew it Becca was dragging me off the dance floor in anger. She was yelling at the twins. Most importantly though, she was super pissed at me. Me!!

“What did I do?” I asked. I was just dancing, it is not that serious.



“Really? You are seriously asking me that right now?!?!” Becca was making a scene.

Her insecurity was rearing its ugly head, and she turned into a different person. Becca was so green with jealousy that she could have turned into She Hulk. She was yelling as loudly as she could despite the DJ stopping the music. As the music died everyone in the ballroom stopped what they were doing to gawk at what was going on.

Becca was starting to act like a psychotic, jealous, crazy bitch. Her green envy turned into rage red, which was not a better look for her. I tried to get her to stop, but that only made her yell even louder. I tried to lead her outside, but Becca’s heels were firmly planted on the dance floor.

I was not about to stand for this. The time to break things off with this crazy bitch was now.



“You are being a psycho bitch.” I was done trying to get her to calm down. I just wanted to be done with the deranged, lunatic, bitch that would not stop yelling in my face. “I should have dumped you a long time ago, after I was done with you. But out of the kindness of my heart I let you hang on until tonight. And this is the thanks I get?! I have done nothing but be the best thing that has ever happened to you. You were nothing before me, and you will have nothing without me! Good luck, because now I am done with you.”



At the end of the night I was named Prom King; no surprise there. I never saw Becca again for the rest of that night after I walked away from her while arm-n-arm with the twins. She probably ran off crying knowing that the greatest thing that had ever happened to her was over.   She was definitely NOT going to be my Prom Queen. I suggested Autumn be queen, but she politely declined. We couldn’t not have a Prom Queen. I couldn’t pick between the twins (probably because I couldn’t tell them apart). So, the both of them were my queens.

Like I said, the night was definitely interesting. For me the best part of the night was what happened at the end. It was double the pleasure, double the fun! It’s good to be King!!


Another Side Note: This chapter is not one of my favorites.  And not just because Lincoln’s actions are deplorable.  The pictures are not my best work.  Prom was a nightmare to shoot.  It was impossible to get the extras to do what I wanted them to do.  Going into CAS over and over again to make sure they were properly dressed was enough to make me go crazy.  

In the end I just decided to reshot everything on a different lot, with only the main characters.  Also, please ignore the twin’s feet cutting into the dance floor.  At that point I was just so over the whole chapter that I gave up any sort of editing.  The next chapter will be better, I promise.

And as always, have a great day or night depending on when you are reading this.  🙂

Chapter 3.6 Awesomeness Reset


My life had hit a few sour notes as of recent, but now I am ready to get back to my old ways. Back to the mind-bogglingly amazing self that I was before. Things had gotten off track, but I am refreshed and back to being King of Awesomeness. With great magnificence comes great responsibility, but I am ready to accept the burden of being so impressively stunning.

I resumed playing my music. I love taking my guitar or my keyboard to the outdoor amphitheater to play for everyone.   I forgot how much I loved being in front of an adoring audience. It had been a long time since I performed in front of a crowd, and I missed their unwavering worship of my talents, and their applause of approval when I had finished my song.



After talking with Autumn that night at the bonfire it became clear to me that I needed to be the rock for my family, and I graciously accepted that responsibility once again. I played games with Autumn and Willow (Autumn usually won, but I didn’t mind). We hadn’t played shoots and ladders since Autumn and I were kids (now that I think about it she always won back then too).

I also took Willow out on some of the horse trails that I used to take with Grandpa Ryan. I still rode Thor, and Willow took to caring for Pepper (Grandpa’s horse). Pepper was old and easy going. Willow is so good with all of the animals that even Thor was patient while Willow learned to properly clean his hoofs and groom his mane.



I know for a fact that we are rich enough to hire a maid and a butler. We are rich enough to hire two maids and two butlers. Despite our wealth, Mom insists that we have a Chore Wheel. Depending on the day Autumn, Willow, and I had to rake the leaves, clean the dishes after dinner, and/or help with the laundry. Now that The Rock of the Charming Family has returned, I have taken it upon myself to do twice as many chores as my sisters.

It was nothing for me. I could handle it no problem. I am the most important thing to them. I needed to show them that not only did I acknowledge that I was their support beam, but I most graciously took on the job willingly.



While I was temporarily living at George’s house my school work took a nosedive. I have never been the honor student that Autumn is, and I have never had a problem with that. Recently though my grades have hit a new low. My teachers thought that it was because of the recent tragedy, but I have to be real for a second. I never had any motivation to excel at school. On top of that, I was distracted by my female companions.

I was able to work the Charming charm, which I inherited from Grandpa Ryan, and the guidance counselor said that I could improve my grades with some extra credit activities. Mom was so elated at this proposition (I swear she is obsessed with me going to college), that she had Aunt April tutor me to make sure I earned as much extra credit as possible.



The best example of my awesomeness came from Grandma Cindy. She really showed everyone how important I truly am. Autumn informed me that while I was staying at George’s house Grandma Cindy never left her room. Mom brought her food up to the room, but most of the time it went untouched. My first dinner back with my family was the same night as our traditional Sunday night family get together. Sunday night is when the entire family, all of my aunts, uncles, cousins all come over to our house for dinner. A tradition that started way back when Mom was going to Med School. This Sunday night was also the first night that Grandma Cindy came out of her room to eat with us. She was too weak to help prepare the giant meal, but she made sure that she sat right next to me. Mom was so happy to see her mother out and about that she cried with joy.

“Your Grandfather always enjoyed these dinners,” Grandma whispered to me after the dinner was over. “I miss him so much.”

“I miss him too.” was all I could think of to say.

“You remind me so much of him.” Grandma Cindy commented with a smile. That was the nicest thing that she, or anyone, had ever said to me.



I still hung out with Becca and with the rest of the gang on Friday nights. I was happy to see that Autumn agreed to come with me more often. She was so shy around my crew, but at least George was nice enough to talk with her. He never left her side the entire night. I was happy that my best friend was being such a gentleman. It looked like Autumn was actually having fun too.



I’m happy Autumn was having fun and coming out of her shell, but I couldn’t be more miserable. The more I hung out with my family the less time I spent with Becca, much to ​her dismay. It’s not my fault. I can’t be cloned. How awesome would that be though? If there could be more than one of me? I think that the universe would explode. It wouldn’t be able to handle that much staggeringly magnificent awesomeness.

Wait.. what was I talking about before?

Sorry I got off track when I started thinking about how marvelous it would be to have a clone army of me. Oh yeah, I was talking about Becca. She, all of a sudden, became super attached to me.

I was starting to feel suffocated. I really wanted to cut Becca loose, and find a new one. The only thing that was stopping me was that it was almost Prom. It wouldn’t be hard for me to find another date (it would be hard to narrow it down to just one). I figured that I may as well go to Prom with Becca, and then I would break up with her afterwards. Just in time for me to have a summer fling! In the meantime, I will have to suffer through her company.

Wish me luck.