Generation 1


Traits: friendly, good, hopeless romantic, natural cook, & neat

Likes: cookies, classical music, & light green

Lifetime Wish: Find her Prince Charming, and with the help of her fairy godmother, escape her evil stepmother and evil stepsisters.

Introductions & Cast of Characters

Chapter 1: Week 1

Chapter 2: The Kids Are Alright

Chapter 3: Childhood Comes to an End

Chapter 4. Team Missyfur

Chapter 5. A New Ally

Chapter 6. Teenage Dream

Chapter 7. Risky Plans

Chapter 8. It All Comes Crashing Down

Chapter 9. A New Low

Chapter 10. Adulthood on the Horizon

Chapter 11. A Glimmer of Hope

Chapter 12. Having a Ball

Chapter 13.  After Happily Ever After

Chapter 14. A New Arrival

Chapter 15. Adding a Limb to the Family Tree