Generation 3

Linc as Beast Chapters

Traits: excitable, star quality, virtuoso, irresistible, & hot-headed

Likes: grilled salmon, Rock Music, & lime green

Lifetime Wish: To break this evil curse and get back to being his pre-beast, mind blowingly awesome self.

Chapter 3.1 The Start of Something Awesome

Chapter 3.2 New Talents Discovered

Chapter 3.3 King of the World

Chapter 3.4 Not So Awesome After All

Chapter 3.5 Too Depressed to be Awesome

Chapter 3.6 Awesomeness Reset

Chapter 3.7 Things are Prom-tacular

Chapter 3.8 From Prom-tacular to Disaster

Chapter 3.9 From Disaster to WTF

Chapter 3.10 A Beastly Turn of Events

Chapter 3.11 There is Nothing Awesome about Moonlight Falls

Chapter 3.12 A Not Very Awesome History Lesson

Chapter 3.13 Forced Friendships

Chapter 3.14 Not Awesome When You are Not Alpha

Chapter 3.15 Bark at the Moon

Chapter 3.16 Rule #1

Chapter 3.17 Something’s Gotta Change

Chapter 3.18 W.W.F.N.L.D.

Chapter 3.19 A First Time for Everything

Chapter 3.20 Bert’s Magic

Chapter 3.21 Time

Chapter 3.22 A Turning Point

Chapter 3.23 Something There That Wasn’t There Before

3.24 The Wheels of Change

Chapter 3.25 A New Point of View

Chapter 3.26 Operation Take Back the Town

Chapter 3.27 Rescuing Beauty