Chapter 13.  After Happily Ever After

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Cindy’s life has completely changed since The Ball. So, the first thing she did was give herself a much needed makeover.  A look that is fit for a princess, because she is no longer a servant in her own house.  Now, she has a maid and a butler who take care of everything.  She no longer lives in a damp cold basement.  She and Ryan moved into a modest three bedroom house in Appaloosa Plains.  Her days are no longer spent doing chores.

For the first time in her life, Cindy has  some free time. Of course she doesn’t have too much free time.  After all, she is planning the wedding of the century to her Prince Charming.

But no one will argue that Cindy Rella deserves some R&R.





The wedding of Cindy Rella and Ryan Charming is turning out to be a national event.  But that’s what you can expect when you marry the son of the Leader of the Free World.  Flowers were flown in from all over the world.  Orchids, lilies, and roses covered the entire beach.  Teal green bows adorned the back of the chairs and created a beautiful aisle that leads to a heart shaped arch with more roses around it.  And the decorations were only one small part of the big event.

Dress designers fought like cats  and dogs to make sure that they were the ones hired to design Cindy’s dress.  They showered her with lace, and chiffon, and ribbon all to show off that they were the best designer.  But in the end Cindy picked a simple dress by an unknown designer.

Plus, the guest list read like a who’s who of Appaloosa Plains.  Anybody who is anybody was invited to the wedding.  And the guests showered the young couple with well wishes.   Cindy and Ryan have everything they could ever want, so instead of gifts they asked their guests to donate money to charities like the Riverview Orphanage or the Appaloosa Plains Animal Shelter.  Hundreds of people gathered at the beach of Appaloosa Plains.  But there was only one guest that Cindy was excited to have at her wedding; her godmother Fay.





When Cindy was a child she would lay in bed, in her dark basement, and dream of meeting her Prince Charming.  And when the most popular boy in school talked to her in front of the trashcans, she didn’t realize that at that moment her life would change forever.  He gave her a voice and the courage to stand up to her evil stepmother and stepsister.  Until Ryan came into her life, Cindy never knew what happiness was.  And now that he is going to be her husband, there is no way that she will ever let him go.

Ryan was a confident, popular kid on the outside, but on the inside it’s a whole different story.  There is a lot of pressure being the only son of the Leader of the Free World.  Ryan is expected to be prefect, and anything less is unacceptable.  He had to be the prefect student.  The prefect athlete.  The prefect son.  All eyes are on him, scrutinizing him, waiting for him to fail.  And ready to ridicule him when he does.  But with Cindy he can be himself.  She loves Ryan, with all of his perfections and all of his flaws.  And after today they will be husband and wife.  Together forever.  Happily ever after!





Cindy wanted to do something special for new husband.  Cindy learned the recipe for Ryan’s favorite meal.  So their first meal as Mr. and Mrs. Charming was grilled salmon.

Screenshot-1515 (2)




After the wedding of the century, Ryan and Cindy were whisked away to their honeymoon in Shang Simla, China.





Ryan, being the athletic, brave, adventurer that he is, opted for a quest.  He has to recover some lost artifact in some tomb under the Halls of the Lost Army.  He climbed the million stairs up to the top of the Hall of the Lost Army.  Then he climbed the million stairs down to the basement.





At the bottom of the million stair staircase was a hidden door.  So Ryan had to put his hand in a hole in the wall to find the lever to open the door.  I love the scared look on his face.





Cindy was right by his side the whole time.  But she was more interested in her new ring than trying to recover the lost artifact.





Ryan really is a Prince Charming.  Look at him pushing that big heavy statue on top of the electricity trap so Cindy can cross into the other room.  Who says that chivalry is dead?





I don’t know what it is, but something is telling me that the lost artifact is in this chest.





While Ryan gave the lost artifact back to it’s owner Cindy climbed up the million stairs (is it just me, or does China have a lot of stairs?) back to Base Camp.   She changed into something a little less comfortable and waited for Ryan.  I don’t I have to tell you want they did next.





Yup, they went right to sleep, because they were exhausted after their long day of adventuring and climbing stairs.


Chapter 12. Having a Ball

Cindy was in front of her bathroom mirror cleaning the smudged lipstick off of her face when she heard Fay come down the stairs.

“Did it work?” she asked.

“Like a charm.” Cindy replied with a smile.  “They were totally faked out by the decoy.  I’m just sorry that your dress didn’t survive the attack.”

“It was old anyway.  Now lets get you ready for the Ball.” Fay enthused.

Cindy sat in her chair as Fay went to work. Fay had brought an arsenal with her.  She had eye shadow in every color.  Lipsticks and lip gloss.  Hair spray, hair gel, and hair mousse.  A flat iron and a hair curler.   After hair and makeup was done Fay pulled out a new dress and a little jewelry box.

“Your mother gave me this necklace after we graduated high school.” Fay said with a tear in her eye.  “I was saving this for a special occasion.  I would love nothing more than you for to have it.”

“Thank you so much.” Cindy gushed.  “And not just for the necklace.  Thank you for being my rock.  You have supported me through everything.  After Father passed I thought that I had lost all of the people who loved me.  But I am honored to call you my family.”

“Okay, enough of this mushy stuff.  I don’t want you to smudge your mascara.” Fay exclaimed.  “Now go and get your Prince Charming!”





Meanwhile, the Farewell Ball was in full swing.  It was turning out to be the party of the century. All of Riverview is in attendance.  Ryan’s teachers shared stories about what a great student Ryan was. His coaches toasted to what a great athlete Ryan is. Mr. and Mrs. Charming are beyond proud of their son. Everyone has been wishing Ryan good luck in Appaloosa Plains. But there is only one sim Ryan is anxious to see.

“Don’t worry my darling.” Ryan’s mother reassured her son.  “I’m sure she will be here very soon. You know how fashionably late young girls like to be.”





Cindy was indeed running late.  It had been harder to find a taxi than Far had anticipated.

Cindy could hear the music as she pulled up to the ballroom. There were three men starting to roll up the red carpet when she jumped out of the cab, almost losing a shoe.  Cindy feared that she was too late.

“I have never seen such a part in all my life.” Cindy overheard one working talking to the others as they put away the barriers around the red carpet.

“Did you see all the food in there?” another worker added.

“Yeah, but the young Mr. Charming looks like he is at a funeral.” the third worker commented.  “I hear he is waiting for some dame that may or may not show up.”

“That’s me!” Cindy exclaimed as she approached the workers.  “I’m that dame.”

“Well, then,” the first worker said, “you better get in there then.  And, don’t worry, we’ll make sure you make a grand entrance.”





Ryan was scanning around the room, searching for Cindy, when he saw two sims heading towards him.  He recognized Missy, but it wasn’t until they got closer that he figured out who the stranger walking next to Missy was.

“Anastasis? Is that you?!” Ryan inquired.

“So Ryan, how do you like the new me?” she asked.

Ryan was so shocked that he needed to take a second look.  Anastasis was wearing a short miniskirt, while the other women were wearing floor length formal gowns.  She had bright pink lipstick and dark eye shadow.  But more than all of that, she had lost about 150 pounds!!

“How do you like the new me?” she questioned Ryan again, but all he could do was stare.  “I bet you are going to fall in love with me now.”

“Is that what you think?” Ryan was finally able to speak.  “That I would fall in love with you if you changed how you look?  My feelings for Cindy have nothing to do with how beautiful she is on the outside.  I love her because she is beautiful on the inside.”

“I don’t understand.” Anastasis looked at Ryan as if was speaking Latin.

“I love Cindy because she is smart, funny, and kind.  If you want to find a man to love you then you need to fix what is on the inside first.  Because there was nothing wrong with the way you looked.”

“But that isn’t what mother says.” Anastasis protested.





Just then Cindy walked into the ballroom. And as the workers promised, she made a grand entrance. The band stopped playing in the middle of their song.  Out of no where trumpets played announcing Cindy’s arrival.  A spotlight hit her, making her dress shimmer. The crowded room parted like the Red Sea.  Everyone looked at the front door as Cindy made her way in.   Cindy felt all of the eyes watching her.  She was so nervous, she didn’t know what to do.  She went from being invisible to having all of Riverview stare at her.  Luckily, Ryan was there to save her.





Overwhelmed with joy, Ryan ran to be by Cindy’s side.  They embraced each other, neither one wanting the other to get away.

“I will never let you go again.” Cindy whispered into his ear.

“Cindy Rella, I have loved you from the moment I saw you.” Ryan said as he let go of the hug.  Then he dropped to one knee.     “Every moment that passes I fall deeper in love with you.”

Ryan fumbled with something in his jacket pocket.  “And I promise that I will spend the rest of my life trying to make you as happy as you have made me.  Cindy Rella, will you marry me?”

“Yes.  Yes, I will marry you!”



And that ends my Cinderella Challenge!  But that doesn’t mean that the story of Cindy Rella is over.  I just want to say thank you for sticking with me, through the long gaps in between chapters and some really short chapters, and some really long chapters.  And I already have an idea of how to continue Cindy’s story, and build my Fairytale Legacy.