Chapter 2.1 A Sleeping Beauty


I am so excited to be starting Generation 2. I never thought that I would make it this far. The last chapter didn’t have a very good picture of Stella as a toddler. So, I wanted to add one here. I love that she has Ryan’s hair and his green eyes.

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Fay needed a place to keep Stella safe, and she couldn’t think of a better place than with her three cousins. Of course they are not the most obvious choice. None of them have had any experience raising a child. But Fay needed to leave Stella with someone whom she can trust. And these three sisters are selfless, sweet, and will stop at nothing to make sure that Stella grows up safe. So, tucked away in a quiet home, in a peaceful town, these three sisters will raise Stella like the niece they never had.

First there is April Season. She loves to solve puzzles on the computer and play chess. April likes hot pink, mac and cheese, and classical music. But her most favorite thing in the world is reading to Stella.




Next there is May Season, a natural cook with a green thumb. May’s favorite color is green. She also likes fruit parfait and Indie music. She loves to cook with the freshest ingredients grown right in her own garden. And Stella loves watching her.




Last, but most certainly not least, there is June. She is the strong, athletic one. If you couldn’t tell June’s favorite color is blue. She goes jogging every morning, and goes swimming every evening. Stella loves to watch June practice SIM Fu in her Zen Garden.




Fay could have taken Stella almost anywhere, but she knew that her three cousins were the best option. These three sisters take their role as guardian very seriously. They know that this won’t be an easy task. People will be looking for Stella. People who want to harm Stella and make sure that the curse is fulfilled.

But so far these past few months with Stella as a toddler have been pretty easy. Potty training didn’t go as smoothly as planned, but it was nothing that April, May, and June couldn’t handle. And now it is time for Stella to become a child. Goodbye to cribs and potties. Hello homework and bike rides.

April had the honors of carrying Stella to the cake that May baked.




And here she is as a child.  




This is Cindy Rella




Before I start Generation 2 I wanted to share one more thing about Cindy, and my founding generation of Once Upon a Legacy.

I am a huge fan of  Sandybeachgirl’s stories, which started with her legacy “Listening to My Heart”. After each generation in her legacy she has a character study on the generation’s heir and their spouse. I found it fascinating and it inspired me to do the same with my legacy. Most of the questions come from Sandybeachgirl, but did change it up a bit. As with Once Upon a Legacy, it starts with Cindy. I found that it also really helped me decide where I wanted the second generation to go with Stella and her story.

All credit, and a very big thank you, of course goes to Sandybeachgirl.

** Side Note: There are spoilers **


Generation 1: Meet Cindy



Name: Cindy (Rella) Charming

Fairy Tale: Cinderella

Traits: friendly, good, hopeless romantic, natural cook, and neat

Favorites: cookies, classical music, and light green

Lifetime Wish: Surrounded by Family

Hair color: Light brown, with blonde highlights (which she gets from her dad)

Eye color: Blue (which she gets from her mom)

Skin color/nationality: Light

Height: 5 feet 6 inches

Weight: 135 lbs.

Tattoos: None

Piercings: Only her ears

Birthmarks: None

Disfigurements: None

Scars: She has a scar from the C-section after Stella was born

Nicknames: Her step-family called her Servant, or Slave. Ryan calls her My Everything.


Where did she come from: She was born and raised in Riverview.

Where does she live: Cindy lives in a modest home in Appaloosa Plains.

Why did she choose it and how did she acquire it: Ryan was recruited to the Appaloosa Horse Racing Team after he graduated high school. Cindy and Ryan were married shortly after The Ball, and have lived there ever since.

How does she handle intruders (graciously, violently,): The only intruder that Cindy has had to deal with is when her stepsister, Anastasis, crashed Stella’s first birthday party. Cindy and Ryan dealt with Anastasis cursing Stella by turning to the one person they could always count on; Fay.

How does she usually dress: Growing up Cindy only had her one servant outfit. Now that she is older she dresses in comfortable jeans with a nice top. But always wears her signature color, teal green.

What does she wear to sleep: Cindy likes to sleep in shorts and a tank top (also teal green).

Does she wear jewelry: Cindy doesn’t like wearing jewelry aside from her wedding ring. She has a necklace that once belonged to her mother that she will wear on special occasions.

Is there anything about her appearance she wishes she could change: Cindy likes how she looks.

How would she look as the opposite sex: Probably just like her dad, but with blue eyes.

What does she smell like and why (does she wear the scent or does it occur naturally): Cindy’s favorite fragrance is vanilla.

Does she have an accurate mental picture of her appearance (how she sees herself versus how the world sees her): She’s never considered herself to be sexy, or gorgeous, or have super model type of looks. She is just Plain Cindy, and that’s how she likes it.




Favorites and Habits:

Habits: Cindy sings or hums while she cooks and cleans. Most of the time she doesn’t realize that she is doing it.

Hobbies: Although mot people don’t consider cooking or cleaning a hobby, but that has always been Cindy’s outlet and a way to help her relax.

What does she do with her time: Cindy loves to cook, watch the cooking channel, or go horseback riding with Ryan

Favorite color: teal green

Favorite music artists: Cindy doesn’t have one particular band that she prefers. She likes any upbeat song that she can dance to.


Movies or TV shows: Cindy doesn’t watch too many movies. She has a hard time keeping still long enough to sit down and watch an entire movie from begging to end. On occasion she will watch the cooking channel.

Books or authors: Cindy loves reading cookbooks, and learning new recipes.

Political stance: Is she active in politics or does she not care: Even though her father-in-law is the Leader of the Free World, she doesn’t care too much about politics.

Pet peeves: Sometimes Ryan will come home from the race track with dirty shoes that tracks mud all over the floors.

What sort of gifts does she like: Thoughtful gifts that come from the heart.

Favorite time of day: Cindy is a morning person.   She is usually up before the sun making breakfast and getting a head start on the daily chores.

Favorite weather/ Season: She loves the Spring, when she and Ryan can go on picnics in the park.

Where does she like to spend her time: In the kitchen.

Does she have any pets/Do they want any: Cindy has two birds, Sunshine and Skittles.


What relaxes her: cooking and playing around in the kitchen.

Does she have any bad habits: When Cindy is nervous she will play with her hands.

First memory: Cindy’s first memory is of her dad reading her a bedtime story.



Resources and Abilities:

Where did she learn her abilities: Cindy learned to cook from reading cookbooks and trial and error with her family. (As far as Missy and Anastasis were concerned there was more error than should be allowed).


Where does her income come from: Cindy and Ryan’s income comes from Ryan’s job as a jockey.

Job: Cindy is a Stay at Home Mother

Why does she have her resources/How long has she had them and how have they served the character over time (Ex. Contacts, money, political power, fame, etc.): Cindy and Ryan’s resources come from his job and a Trust Fund that Ryan received when he became an adult.

What are some of her more notable merits and flaws (including physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, etc.)/How did they develop/How has this helped or hindered them in the past: Cindy is an optimist, even when her life seemed hopeless she tried to find the silver lining. Her biggest flaw is her lack of self confidence, which developed from years of being mentally beat down and tormented by her stepfamily.

How is she with technology: Cindy loves playing with various kitchen gadgets she buys online.

Is she specially qualified in any particular field/Would she be considered at the top of the field: Cindy isn’t a classically trained chef.

Has she ever been publicly acknowledged for anything (Ex. Nobel Prize): Her blueberry and strawberry cobbler won First Prize at the Appaloosa Plains State Fair.

Is there anything she’s deliberately sought to improve at: Cindy is always looking for new recipes to try and improve her cooking skill.


Languages: Cindy only speaks English.



Relationships and History:

Family History & How does it affect her: Cindy’s mother died after giving birth, and Cindy has no memory of her. Her father remarried Missy when Cindy was a child. Her stepmother also had two daughters, Anastasis and Drusella. For a brief moment Cindy felt like she had a mother again. But not long after the marriage, Cindy’s father passed away. Before his body was buried, Missy forced Cindy to live in the basement, and clean up after them. Because of this Cindy has little to no confidence and has never seen herself as anything special.


How does she feel about her family/ How does her family feel about her: Drusella was somewhat nice to Cindy, while Missy and Anastasis were cruel and enjoyed torturing her.

What was she like as a child: Cindy was a quiet child. She kept her head down and did her chores silently. She was a good student, but never spoke up in class.

Favorite toy: Her favorite, and only, toy was a small colorful oven.

Favorite game: To make the time go by faster Cindy would make a game out of her chores.

Playmates: She mostly played by herself.

What did she want to be when she grew up: Cindy wanted to be a mother and have a large family.

Best memory from childhood: Cindy’s best memory is the first weekend she snuck out of the house and rode her bike to the park. It was the first time she met someone her own age that she could play with.


Worst memory from childhood: After her father died and she watched helplessly as Missy destroyed anything having to do with his memory.

Where did she grow up: Cindy was born and raised in Riverview.

How did she view it as a child/Did it change as she got older: Cindy felt like her home was a prison that she would never escape (although she always dreamed that one day she would).

How does she feel about the place now: Riverview has a lot of painful memories for her. Plus, Anastasis lives there, and she will stop at nothing to make sure that Cindy’s life is ruined with the death of her only child.

Did she, or has she in the past, had a mentor: I wouldn’t call Fay a mentor per say, but she is the one person Cindy has turned to when she needed help.

What was her relationship with this person, and how has it changed since then: Fay is Cindy’s godmother, and the link to Cindy’s past. Fay has been Cindy’s rock, and has always been there for her.


What sort of education has she had: Cindy graduated high school with honors, but doesn’t have any further education.

Does she want more: She has no real desire to further her education.

Who was her idol growing up: Cindy always had an idealistic view of her parents and wanted to be that type of mother for her own children.

Who is her closest friend, and why: Ryan is her best friend.

What does she like to do with this person: They do everything together. Cindy goes to every one of his races. On the weekends they love to go to the park and have a picnic. They have also traveled to China.


Does she have any rivals: Cindy’s rival is her stepsister Anastasis.

Has she ever been betrayed/ By who, and how did it affect her: Cindy was betrayed by Anastasis several times. The worst one being the evil curse Anastasis cast on Stella.

Is she married: Cindy is happily married to Ryan Charming.

Children: Stella Renee

Grandchildren: none yet

Child who’s most like her: She only has one child, and Stella seems to be more like her father.



Sex and Romance:

What is her sexual orientation/Does she ever question it: Cindy is straight and has never questioned it.

Age on first date: 16

When did she lose their virginity: Cindy waited until marriage to have sex.

Who to: her husband Ryan

Where: on their honeymoon in China

Current Partner: Ryan Charming

Screenshot-1515 (2)

What initially attracted her to her partner: Ryan’s smile

How did she meet her partner: Ryan was tutoring Anastasis in their dining room. At the same time Cindy was taking out the trash. Ryan followed her outside and introduced himself.

What type of relationship do they have: They have a very loving and supportive relationship.

Do they have any plans for the future: Cindy and Ryan had planned on having a large family and spend their days watching their children, then grandchildren, grow up. But Anastasis changed all of that. Now they look forward to one day being reunited with their daughter.

What is she now attracted to in her partner: His strength (not physical, but emotional strength).

What would be her perfect date: Having a picnic in the park.

Has she ever hurt someone she loved: No, never.

Does she fall in love easily: Cindy was a Smitten Kitten from the moment she first saw Ryan smile. But her fears of her stepfamily kept Cindy from accepting her feelings.




Drugs and Alcohol:

Age when she first got drunk/What was it like: Cindy has led a very sheltered life. The first time she had any alcohol was the Champaign at her wedding.

Does she drink on a regular basis: Just on special occasions

What kind of alcohol does she prefer: Champaign

Has she ever tried any other kind of “mood altering” substance: never





One thing in her past she’s ashamed of: The only thing in her life that Cindy regrets is that she lived in fear of her Evil Stepfamily for as long as she did.

One thing she’s proud of: Beating Anastasis at her own game.

What is one thing she feels strongly about: Protecting her family

One trait she admires: Loyalty

What disturbs her: When Cindy’s stepfamily tries to mess with her happiness.


Do the ends justify the means in her eyes: No. For Cindy there is no reason to do anything illegal, immoral, or evil. It is not worth it.

leader or a follower: In most cases Cindy is a follower.

What does she feel responsible for: (Ex. I owe it to the world to do this.): keeping her only child safe.

Does she believe that a person can redeem themselves from mistakes of the past: Yes, she saw it with Drusella.

What scares her: The thought of not seeing her daughter again.

How does she feel about death: Cindy isn’t afraid of death.

Has she been significantly affected by it: Death has been a part of Cindy’s life from the moment she was born. Both of her parents died before her 13th birthday.

Does she value faith over reason or vice versa: Cindy values her faith over all else.

Does she believe in an afterlife: Yes. She looks forward to seeing her parents again in Heaven.


Does she have any habits that reflect her beliefs (Ex. regular prayer, vegetarianism, etc.): Any time Cindy is in doubt, in fear, or is worried she prays. She always seems to feel better afterwards.

Does she respect the beliefs of others: Yes.




What are her dreams/What does she want to do someday: Cindy had hopes and dreams about raising a large family, but Anastasis crushed those dreams. Now she dreams one day being reunited with her only daughter (and eventually grandchildren)!!

Are there places she wants to go: Cindy doesn’t want to travel as much. She is more of a homebody.

If doesn’t apply already: does she want to get married: Cindy is married to her Prince Charming.

Have children: She has one daughter.


Would she ever consider adopting a child: Cindy would have loved to adopt children, but not now out of fear for their safety.

How would she like to die: Quietly, surrounded by family.

Who famous does she want to meet: There really isn’t anyone famous that Cindy would want to meet. However, she looking forward to meeting her grownup daughter.

What will she be like in her old age: Cindy will be the best grandma ever, showering her grandchildren with love, support, and affection.




Quick Answers:

Stuck in a waiting room. Which magazine does she pick up: Bon Apetit

Tea or coffee: coffee

Sleep on side, stomach, back: side

Dog or cat: cat

Cake or Pie: pie

Favorite word: family

Least favorite word: curse

Favorite swear word: Damn

Pizza – Deep dish or thin crust: deep dish

Favorite holiday: Christmas

Favorite month: April

One word that describes her: Optimistic

Most beautiful thing ever seen: Stella being born





Story Writing Questions:

Was her story planned out from beginning: For the most part yes. This is a Fairytale Legacy, and everyone knows the story of Cinderella, and that there are many different variations of that story. Since I’m obsessed with pretty much everything Disney, I took a few things (mostly the names) from the animated movie. I wanted to keep the same basic story and use it along side the TS3 Cinderella Challenge.

Was there another ending to this generations story: The real challenge came after the Cinderella Challenge. The fairy tale ends after Cinderella is reunited with her Prince Charming. So, my challenge was to figure out how to continue her story and the lead in to the next generation.

What’s one thing about this character that that has not yet been revealed that you would like readers to know: Nothing really. Cindy is pretty much an open book. She wears her heart on her sleeve, and isn’t afraid to show her emotions.

What’s one thing you would change if you could rewrite her story: I am petty pleased with how everything evolved, especially since I never intended to use Cindy as a founder to a Fairy Tale Legacy. And the transition from Cinderella to Sleep Beauty as the basis for generation 2 seems to run smoothly.

The only thing I am sad about is that I will miss Cindy and Ryan. I was torn about ending Cindy’s story on a sad note. I always grow way too attached to my sims, and not seeing Cindy and Ryan be a part of Stella’s life is going to be hard. But creativity wins every time.

There are a few things from the fairy tale that, for whatever reason, I couldn’t incorporate into the story. Like Cinderella’s glass slipper or mice that help her.

What’s your favorite thing about her: I love her optimism. Even when her evil step mother and stepsister were trying to beat her down, she would always try to find the silver lining. She never gave up hope that she would one day she would be free from them and live happily ever after.

What’s your favorite thing about this generation: Cindy, and the Cinderella Challenge, started out as just something new to do with The Sims 3. Then I got attached to Cindy, and Ryan, and even Missy (who was my Sims3 guinea pig). I knew that I couldn’t say goodbye to Cindy after the challenge ended.