Chapter 14. A New Arrival

As I mentioned before, my computer crashed a while back, and I lost a ton of screenshots. So, this chapter is going to be short and to the point. But I hope you enjoy it nonetheless.





Cindy and Ryan enjoyed the rest of their honeymoon in Shang Simla by taking in the sights like the Temple of Heaven and the Terracotta Army.

They were having so much fun that the vacation was over before they knew it. That meant back to reality, and back to work. Ryan worked hard to become the best jockey he could be. He spent hours at the training ring practicing racing and jumping with his winning horse Thunder.

And it is nice to see that the butler kept the house neat and clean while Cindy and Ryan were away. She even had welcome home refreshments waiting for them after their 10 hour plane ride.





One day Cindy had a surprise for Ryan when he came home from practice. For a few days she had been feeling under the weather. No matter what she ate, she threw it up. At first she thought it was the bad food, but no one else in her home got sick. It was so bad that Cindy couldn’t even cook dinner, which is one of her favorite things to do. So, she went to the doctor to see what was going on. And he informed her that she is pregnant.

“Ryan, I have some big news.” Cindy told him the second he walked though the door. “I’m pregnant!!!”

He had just come from practice. He didn’t have time to shower, so he smelled of sweat and hay. But he hugged her anyway. He was so excited to be a father that he almost squeezed Cindy a bit too tight.

“Oh,” Ryan said talking to Cindy’s tummy, “sorry little one. Don’t you every worry. Your daddy will always be here to take care of you and your mommy.”





That night Cindy and Ryan went to the book store and bought tons of pregnancy book, and children’s books. Then they went to the furniture store to buy a crib and toys. They were deciding between a pink butterfly mobile or a train set when they came to a realization.

“We don’t even know what we are having yet.” Cindy said.

“We will buy them both, so we are covered either way.” Ryan has been smiling since Cindy told him the news. His cheeks were starting to hurt.

And as soon as they got home Cindy began reading one of the books while Ryan went to set up the crib.





Cindy’s mother had a hard time while pregnant with Cindy, so everyone was worried. Luckily, the whole 9 months went pretty easy. The morning sickness stopped, and the cravings began. Ryan made countless trips to the grocery store to pick up bananas and sardines and chocolate syrup for the butler to mix into a smoothie for Cindy.

Then one night just as Cindy was about to fall asleep she began to feel sharp pains in her stomach. She looked down and saw that she was sitting in a wet pool of liquid. Her water broke. Cindy was about to have her baby.

But with having the Neat Trait, Cindy felt the urge to make the bed in between contractions.





And several hours later Cindy gave birth to a healthy baby …






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