Chapter 3.9 From Disaster to WTF

Side Note Warning: As you may have guessed from the title, there is swearing in this chapter. Lincoln isn’t totally hopeless yet, but most of the time I can’t get him to control his mouth. There is also one picture that NSFW. Hopefully this is nothing too offensive.



I was still beyond pissed off at my parents when I sent Brandy & Mandy a text to meet me at the outdoor amphitheater. It was an unusually chilly night for it being almost summer. I started a small fire while I waited for them. The more I poked at the fire the angrier I got.

I was mad at everyone. I was mad at Mom & Dad for not supporting me. I am their only son, and they should want what is best for me. I was mad at Autumn for trying to talk me out of leaving. I know that she meant well, but she has no idea what it feels like to be me. I was even mad at Grandpa Ryan for dying. If he was still here he would have had my back and talked some sense into my parents. I was starting to get mad at Brandy & Mandy for taking forever to show up.

Where are they?!?!



“It is about time.” I said as I heard rustling in the bushes.

I was expecting to see Brandy and/or Mandy when I looked up from the firepit. However, standing in front of me was a frail, wrinkly old lady whom I had never seen before. She was wearing a pale yellow nightgown, with a matching headscarf trying to cover her thin grey hair. She was still standing several feet away from me, but I could smell her old lady stink from here.

“Please, sir,” the ugly old hag said, “please let me stand by your small fire. It is so cold outside, and I have nowhere else to go.”

What was I supposed to do? What would The Twins think of me if they saw me standing by this old fruitcake sharing the fire I made for them? In a firm tone, with annoyance and anger in my voice, I told her, “NO”.

“You would turn away a poor old woman?” she wailed. “You would say no someone asking for your help?”

“Listen you old kook, I don’t know who you think you are, but how dare you talk to me that way. You are starting to piss me off” this old bird just made the list of people I was mad at tonight. “It is not ​that cold out here, you’ll survive. Go find someone else to bother. I am waiting here for someone, so you need to go away now.”



The old hag took a step back and asked, “Would you be so rude if I looked like this?”

In a puff of smoke the old lady was gone. She had morphed into a young, hot, sexy woman wearing a see-through gold bikini that left nothing to the imagination. All of a sudden I wasn’t missing Brandy and Mandy anymore. Who needs those two when I have every man’s fantasy standing right in front of me? She took a few steps closer to me (unfortunately is was not close enough). She swayed her hips and flaunted everything in all the right places.

“Can I stand by your fire now?” she asked, her voice sounding as seductive as Marilyn Monroe.

“Why make yourself look like that crazy old lady when you can make yourself look hot?” I asked the almost naked bombshell. “Looking like that you can do more than just ​stand next to me.”

“I made myself look old because I wanted to see what type of person you truly are.” the sex kitten purred as she blew me a kiss.



To my dismay nothing happened between me and my sex goddess. Instead she changed form once again. She didn’t turn back into the old hag (thank plumbob). This time she took the form of someone I knew all too well; my ex Becca.

“What the fuck is going on here?” I demanded to know what happened to the sexy super model? “What kind of fucked up game are you playing here?”



“I told you, I wanted to see what type of person you really are.”, Becca smiled as she spoke to me, although I couldn’t understand why. She was acting like she was privy to a joke that only she thought was funny.

These games were starting to get on my nerves. I had a few questions for my ex that needed to be answered right now. Like how the fuck did she know I was here, what the fuck is she doing here, and what the fuck is up with her not so funny magic trick? Before I could ask these questions aloud Becca chimed in with her responses.

“I put an enchantment on Brandy & Mandy’s phones. I have seen every perverted, disgusting sext you have sent them, and all of the gross sexts they have sent to you. I knew that you had asked them to meet you here tonight. I also made sure that they would not be able to read your message, so you can stop wondering where they are. The Slut Twins aren’t coming. I needed to get you alone.” Becca’s response only added more questions.

“But why?”

“I need the world to see you for who you really are Lincoln Charming.” Becca’s ridiculous smile was replaced with anger (another look that does not look good on her). “I want the world to see you for the monster you really are.”

I guess that I can be man enough to admit that I haven’t always been perfect all of the time. I’m not the model student that my parents want me to be. But to call me a monster? What did I ever do to her? Who does this bitch think she is?!



“You are rude, selfish, arrogant, mean, and selfish” Becca was madder than she was during Prom. So mad that she was having a hard time putting sentences together. “You are…you are… you are nothing but a beast!”

I had heard enough of Becca and her stupid insults. I wanted to walk away and leave this psycho behind me, but I couldn’t go anywhere. As hard as I tried I couldn’t get my feet to move. Becca had put a spell on me using some supernatural force that was beyond my control.   Before I knew it, she had my feet off the ground, lifting me a foot into the air. I kicked as I tried to fight my way out from under her spell, but all of my efforts were useless. I knew wasn’t going anywhere until she had finished her rant.



“You are a beast, and soon the whole world will know it.” Becca still had me under her control. She had me suspended off the ground, unable to run away.

But even then I wasn’t worried. What is the worst this girl could do to me? I am Lincoln James Charming. Nothing can hurt me. As she spoke I just laughed at her.

“I can see that you are not taking this seriously, but soon you will.” threatened Becca. She uttered some words that were not from this world, and a bolt of lightning shot out of her fingertips and pierced right through me.

For a split second nothing happened. I was about to laugh at her again, but then an immense pain suddenly shot through me. I felt like my skin was being poked with a million tiny needles. My insides felt like they were on fire. I became numb and yet fully aware of the pain all at the same time. I was involuntarily convulsing, but even then my feet wouldn’t fall. I was still supernaturally stuck in place as the lightning sent painful shockwaves up and down my body. It was a billion times worse than anything I could have ever experienced. My skin began to itch and burn, almost like it was melting off. The excruciating pain was getting so intense that I lost my vision. All I saw was white hot pain. After it was all finally over I found myself on the ground gasping for air.



Even through the pain I could still hear Becca’s words loud and clear.

“I am not done with you yet, Lincoln. I don’t know if it is my curiosity, or my need to make you suffer. Maybe it is a little bit of both. But I am going to leave you this rose as to remind you that even the most beautiful things can hurt you. And as a fun little bonus for me, I am going to add a little clause to this spell. If, and only ​if​, you can learn to actually truly love someone, ​and ​have that person love you in return; only then will this spell be broken.   Maybe you can change. Maybe you have learned your lesson. But who am I kidding, you will never love anyone but yourself. And who could ever learn to love a beast?”



After the pain subsided enough to allow me to stand, I tried getting my bearings. I knew where I was, obviously I was still at the outdoor amphitheater. Yet, it all looked different. It smelled different. Sounded different. I even felt different, and not just from the pain caused by the bolts of lightning Becca shot me with. I looked down at my hands and….




Author’s note: So there you have it. After 9 chapters we learn that this generation’s fairytale will be Beauty and the Beast. This story, however, will be told from the point of view of the beast. I am excited to show off the rest of Lincoln’s new look (I went on the CC Hunt to end all CC Hunts), but that will have to wait until the next chapter. 😉

I am dying to know what you all think. I would love to hear any feedback. I tried very hard not to leave too many hints about the fairytale reveal. Did any of you have any ideas about Lincoln being The Beast before reading this chapter? Let me know.  

And as always, have a great day or night depending on when you are reading this.

Chapter 3.8 From Prom-tacular to Disaster


So much has happened since prom night. Let me catch you up. First off, much to my utter dismay, no romantic connection formed between Autumn and George. Maybe it is all for the best though. Autumn will be going to college earlier than expected (she is just that smart). She has her pick of any top university that she wants to attend. And it is a known fact that long distance relationships don’t work.

On the plus side, Autumn & George seem to have become the best of friends. Autumn, George, and I have known each other since we were all toddlers growing up together. For the most part though, George was my friend while Autumn enjoyed playing by herself. Autumn has always been very shy and had a hard time making friends. She had been too shy to eat lunch with me and my entourage. So, I’m glad that she now has a friend in George. He has taken over my job of helping Autumn document her findings over the telescope.



I ​am ​happy to report that I haven’t seen Becca since prom night. Can you imagine how humiliated she must feel about how insane she acted when she saw me dancing with the Castor twins? She went bat shit crazy on me, and is probably too mortified to show her face out in public.

That, and I am sure that Becca is heartbroken beyond repair because I dumped her so publicly. I didn’t want to dump her in front of the entire school, but in the end she really left me no choice. Seriously though, what did she expect from me? Becca knew that we were never serious. Or exclusive. I can’t help it if she fell for me. It is not my fault that I am so devastatingly handsome and charming. Becca knew the risks. Sometimes when you play with fire, you get burned.



I, on the other hand, have been having the time of my life! Mandy & Brandy Castor sure know how to make a guy feel special. And boy, do I feel special. So much so that I completely forgot about the university entrance exam that I was scheduled to complete.

It is something that every high school student has to go though. We have to meet with one of our school counselors so they can administer some sort of test looking at all of our skills, our GPA, and our personality traits. The test is suppose to determine what area of study would be best when we enroll in the university of our choosing, and sets up any scholarships if needed. I couldn’t care less about missing the exam, because I have no interest in attending university. But Mom was not going to be so forgiving if she ever found out.

“How did the test go?” Mom asked me. She cornered me in the living room, and wouldn’t let me go.

I didn’t know how to answer her question. I didn’t want to lie to my mother, but I didn’t want to start a fight with her either. And I knew that if I told her I missed the test it would start World War III.

“It was fine.” I decided to lie.

“I guess I don’t have to ask which part of the test you excelled at the most.” Mom flashed the same ridiculous smile she does every time she thinks she is being clever. She meant that I was a shoe-in for the music program.

“Nope, you sure don’t” I said quickly, hoping that would be the end of the conversation. I was not so lucky.



“Lincoln James Charming,” I could tell Mom was super pissed because she very rarely uses my full name. “I know for a fact that you missed the exam. Your counselor called. Why didn’t you take the university exam? Why do you feel like you can lie to me?”

I didn’t know how to answer those questions either. What is it with parents asking questions that they already know the answer to?!

“If you knew that I didn’t take the stupid test then why did you ask me about it?” I was trying to beat Mom at her own game.

“I was giving to a chance to explain yourself.” Mom responded, “Are you sick, nervous, anxious about the results? Whatever it is you can talk to me about it.”

“No,” I was starting to seriously get offended by my mom’s constant interference in my life. She is always doing this to me. Always putting her nose into my business when she just needs to butt out! “Why don’t you just leave me alone? Just because you are crazy and have to see a therapist, doesn’t mean that I am messed up like you are!”



Let’s clear something up right now. I don’t take it back, and I don’t regret what I said to Mom. I know that she talks to a therapist once a week. She has been going for as long as I can remember. But seeing a therapist doesn’t mean that ​she has the right to psychoanalyze ​me. What I do regret is saying it loud enough for my dad to hear. He came charging out of the kitchen, faster than a charging bull, and he was just as pissed off.

“Do not speak to your mother that way.” Dad reprimanded me.

I don’t know if he was trying to scare me or what, but I was not backing down without a fight! “I don’t want to go to any stupid university, okay!!” I finally came clean. “I want to move to Bridgeport and be a Rock Star just like Leo Capra!”

For the next few moments both my parents stared at me in silence. Trying to comprehend what I was saying. They both looked at me as if I was speaking a foreign language. Like me being a world famous Rock Star is so hard for them to fucking believe. Then my parents recovered, and all hell broke loose.



“You think that you will just step foot off the plane, and what?” Mom and Dad questioned me like it was the Spanish Inquisition, “someone is going to run up to you and hand you a contract? Life doesn’t work that way. You need to go to university to hone your skills. If you want to be a rock star, then of course we support that. But why not go to university to train to be the best musician you can be?”

Mom thinks that she is so smart. That just because she went to college everyone has to. Well, I had a comeback for her stupid logic. “Not everyone ​has to go to university to be successful. What about Grandpa Ryan? He became a professional racer right out of high school.”

“Your Grandfather was recruited after high school. He also trained everyday and worked very hard to become as successful as he was. And I’m sure this Leon Capra is also very talented and works very hard at what he does as well.” Mom tried her best to calm down, but she doesn’t understand how dumb she is sounding right now.

Mom can be so stupid, she has no idea what she is talking about. So, I had to put her, and Dad, in their place by saying, “First off, it’s ​Leo​ Capra, and he is the greatest musician of all time. And his band, Accidental Therapy, is the best band of all time! I am going to Bridgeport to meet him, and be like his protégé. I will be the opening act when the band is on tour. And Leo will introduce me to all of the important people in the music business. I’ll be famous, you’ll see!”



“That all sounds fine, in theory.” Dad was not as mad as he was before, but he was still pretty upset at me. At least he stopped yelling. “But how do you plan on making that happen? When you are at the university you will make all sorts of connections. The University of Roaring Heights has a great music program. Why don’t you just at least talk to their admissions rep?”

The truth was I didn’t have the slightest idea how to get a meeting with Leo Capra or anyone associated with his band. It’s not like their phone number is listed. I couldn’t just Google it. But there was no way in hell I was going to tell my parents that.

“Grandpa believed in me. He always told me to follow my dreams.” mentioning Grandpa over and over again was a cheap shot to try to get Mom more upset. I figured that if I mention him it will distract her from asking me any more questions that I didn’t have the answer to. It didn’t totally work. Mentioning Grandpa made Mom sad, which made Dad mad at me again.

“Your grandfather set aside a college fund for you. He started it the minute you and Autumn were born. He has an account for Willow as well. Why would he do that if he didn’t want you to go to a good school to get a good education?”

I had heard enough. My mind was already made up. I am going to Bridgeport. I am going to be a famous rock star. I am going to have millions of adoring fans. And I will NOT let anyone stand in my way. “I don’t care what you say. And I am not going to stand here and listen to your stupid bullshit.”

“Do NOT curse at us, Lincoln James Charming. You are grounded for a month!”

“I can’t wait until I become a young adult. And then I can do whatever the hell I want. And you can’t fucking stop me!”

“that is enough!  Go to your room and don’t come down until you can stop being a smart ass!!”



I was so pissed off I stormed up to my room stomping my feet and making as much noise as possible. I didn’t come down for dinner. And I sent Willow away when she brought me up some leftovers a few hours later. I was still mad as hell, and I couldn’t stand being in that house with those hypocrite parents of mine for a minute longer. As soon as everyone was asleep I snuck out my bedroom window. I wanted to go meet Mandy & Brandy so they can make me feel better. I was in the backyard about to make a break for it, when I heard Autumn asking me to stop.

“How did you know I was out here?” I questioned her although I already knew the answer. The psychic twin connection can come out of nowhere when you are not expecting it.

“Go back into the house and talk to them.” Autumn pleaded with me. “You know that Mom and Dad love you. They just want what they think is best for you.”

“There is no reasoning with them.” I wanted to shout, but I had to whisper to make sure no one else woke up. “I can’t be here anymore. I need out now.”

“That fight between the three of you got way out of hand. Just take the night to sleep on it and tomorrow you all will be calmer and you can talk to them then.”

I should have listened to her. I should have gone back up to my room, and taken the night to cool off. I should have not let my emotions get so out of hand. I shouldn’t have let my stubbornness get so out of hand. I should have done all those things, because what happened next changed my life forever!