3.23 Something There That Wasn’t There Before Part 2


There is something very strange going on in Moonlight Falls. Something that I never would have expected, not in a million years. Something even more bizarre than Mira putting her head on my beastly shoulder. What could be so unfathomable you may ask? Well, here it is: I am actually starting to care about people!

I know; crazy right?!?! Notice how I didn’t even call them a bunch of stupid townies!

It started at Mira’s home, while she was helping me recover from my near death beating. She was in the middle of reading Sense and Sensibility to me, when Flint came by to check up to see how things were going.

“I’m glad to hear that the ointment that I made seems to be working.” Flint said to Mira. He was blatantly ignoring me, but after the way that I have been treating him, I don’t blame him at all. “if only there was a mixture that I could make to get Renatta fall in love with me.”

“Flint, you know that magic doesn’t work that way. You can’t make someone fall in love with you,” Mira was reassuring her best friend with a friendly smile. “not that you need it anyway. You know that Renatta is deeply in love with you. She just feels unworthy of you.”

Wait… Flint and Renatta are a thing? When did that happen? Where was I? Oh yeah, I was spaced out in my own world. I wonder what else I may have missed?!



“If only there was some way that I could convince Renatta that to me she is perfect.” Flint seemed hopeless. Luckily, I had a plan.

I had an idea. After all, I was a bit of a ladies’ man in my former pre-beast life. “Anytime I wanted to get into a girl’s panti… I mean heart, I would serenade them with a song.” I suggested. “Some over the top romantic gesture works every time.”

“Isn’t that a bit cliché?” Flint asked skeptically. “Besides, I am not a singer.”

“No, I think that Linc is right,” Mira made her opinion heard, “Some things are cliché for a reason. A big romantic gesture is exactly what Renatta needs to help her see that she is not broken.”

“Besides,” I added, “You don’t have to be a good singer. Haven’t you seen the movie Say Anything? All you need is an extra large radio and the prefect romantic song that tells Renatta exactly how you feel about her.”



But it wasn’t just Flint & Renatta’s love life that had me invested. Now that I am actually making an effort, I am starting to feel like a real member of Ryker’s werewolf pack. Ryker’s two sons have really taken to me, for some strange reason. I really have no idea why. Maybe it is because they are twins just like Autumn and I. Maybe they see me as the rescue pet dog that they have always wanted. Whatever the reason may be, every time that they see me, Riley & Owen run up to me and try and tackle me. During the full moon, they never leave my side. Even Ryker’s wife Astrid, and their new baby Everley, have taken a shine to me. I guess that is why Ryker insisted that I be invited to her aging up party.

I was so nervous about attending the party. The entire pack would be there, not to mention other members from other packs, plus Mira was invited as well.

“What do I even get a werewolf puppy, I mean toddler?” I asked Bert for his advise. “A new ball, or a squeaky toy? A rawhide chew stick?”

“You are over thinking this. Just get something from the heart,” Bert said as if it were that easy. “Besides, I took the liberty of highlighting a few things off of Astrid’s Simazon Wish List.”



I arrived at the party super early, the only other guest that was at the Silas’ home was Camilla, who was busy blowing up the last of the party balloons.

“Linc, it is so good to see you.” Astrid said as she greeted me with a hug.

Despite my intense need to shy away from any physical contact, Astrid has insisted on greeting me with a warm hug every time that I see her. She is the only adult person, besides the occasional few times that Mira’s hand has accidentally touched mine, that I have let get close to me.

“Linc! Yay, you’re here!” Ryker’s sons shouted in unison as they came running up to me. Riley hung on my arm, while Owen showed off doing a handstand.

Seeing their excitement helped calm my nerves, and helped me relax. And they didn’t leave my side for the entire party. They kept telling me about school, their after school scouts club, and both were taking turns trying to show off for me. More than once I saw Astrid, Ryker, Camilla, and even Mira glance in my direction. All had the same look on their faces; a combination of surprise and admiration.




The party was more fun than I had expected.  I enjoyed opening up to everybody and getting to know more about the my pack.  Riley and Owen were rambunctious, and remind me of George and I at that age.  Plus, Everley seemed to really like the gift I got her.  Not that it was any sort of competition  or anything like that.  I was happy that I had got with Bert’s suggestion and picked out a thoughtful gift from the heart.

“Thank you so very much for the toy piano.” Astrid gave me another hug as I was leaving the party. “Everley will love it.”

“My baby sister Willow had one that she seemed to have enjoyed.” I replied, not sure how to handle all of these hugs. So I asked, remembering my manners, “Are you sure I can’t stay and help clean up?”

“No, no, no,” Astrid insisted. “It is getting late, and I don’t want you out at night alone. It is not safe. Camilla is driving Mira home, and you can join them.”



“Linc, I have to tell you something.” Camilla said as she drove up to my house after dropping Mira off. “When I first met you I thought that you were an obnoxious, arrogant, egotistical, little punk incapable of thinking about anyone but yourself. And for a long time, you were proving me right.”

Camilla wasn’t wrong. And I knew there was more that she wanted to say, so I just sat silently as she continued.

“But recently, something has changed in you.” Camilla said as her glowing eyes smiled at me. “I didn’t think someone so egotistical could ever be better. And I never thought that I would ever say this, yet here we are. Linc, I am proud of you. I am not sure what brought about this transformation, but I am glad that you have improved yourself.”

I too was amazed at myself for how I had opened myself up to these new friends. Yet, the biggest change came from Mira.



6 thoughts on “3.23 Something There That Wasn’t There Before Part 2

  1. Now this is a pretty radical change – and about time, too, lol. 🤣 It’s nice to see him getting along with everyone and not just the pretty woman. There’s hope for him after all. Lovely chapter. 💕❤

    Liked by 1 person

  2. This was such a heartwarming chapter ❤ It's so nice to see Linc changing for the better. And not because he wants to achieve something, but because he's actually tranforming into a decent human being! 💕

    Liked by 1 person

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