OC Photo Challenge Part 4


Photo Challenge Pt3

Here we are once again with more of the OC Photo Challenge created by the super talented Louise.  The last set of photos were highly edited.  The cut out a sim and paste on a background type of edits.  These photos, on the other hand, are 100% in game shots with very little editing.


2.  Gender Swap:



7.  In a Bathing Suit: (I went with a SciFi theme)


12.  In a Fantasy Inspired Outfit: (here I went with an Amazon Huntress look)



3.  With Glasses:



That is all that I have for this round.  The ones with glasses are my favorite, so that is why I saved them for last.

Anyway, on a more serious note.  I know that the world is kind of a crazy place right now.  All over the world thousands of people are getting sick and dying.  The governor of Nevada has shut down all “non essential” business for 30 days which has put me in furlough with my job.  This pandemic is serious.  Take care of yourselves, and of each other.


4 thoughts on “OC Photo Challenge Part 4

  1. Yesss, always loving more of this from you and the lovely Willow! 🙂 She’s a gorgeous-looking girl. I love the fantasy style for her, but the glasses photos with the coloured lighting are very cool, too! 😀

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