OC Photo Challenge Part 2

Photo Challenge

I am back with a few more pictures for the OC Photo Challenge, first shared by the lovely and talented Loise, author of NotJustaBookSims.  This time around I have completed #6, 10 & 11.

#6 With Their Best Friend

Willow isn’t the most outgoing sim, and most of the time she feels like an outsider at school.  She loves her family, and her very best friend is her big sister Autumn.



#11 With Their Family



#10 With Their Love Interest

Willow is just a teen (barely a teen), and has not met her love interest yet.  So, she is wondering who this mystery man will be.

Willow Love

9 thoughts on “OC Photo Challenge Part 2

  1. OH NO. How did I manage to miss this?! I loooove all of the pictures and I’m so glad you seem to be enjoying the challenge. I, too, think it’s adorable that Willow and Autumn are best friends. ❤ That is one gorgeous family as well… of course without Lincoln the dummy face, ha, ha. XD
    Lovely all around. ❤ So sorry for replying to it so late.

    Liked by 1 person

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