Tiny Update

It has been over a month since I posted a new chapter, and I want to reassure everyone that no I did not fall off the face of the earth.  As many of you know about me (and most of you are this way as well) I am a perfectionist.  I spend way too much time making sure that even the smallest detail of these chapters are prefect.  And Generation 3 has been no exception.  Mainly the new photo filters for Moonlight Falls.

I have been stressing out so much about these filters that each and every picture gets edited about at least a dozen times.  I want to make sure that every picture to not too dark, or too light, and I try very very hard to make sure that they are consistent across the board.  That is why it has taken me over a month to post a new chapter.

Things have gotten so bad that I have been ignoring WordPress in general, and for that I am truly sorry.  It is not like me to not keep up with stories, but I have fallen so far behind on my reading as well.

However, not all is lost.  I think that I have found a happy place with my photos.  Plus, I am feverishly catching up on missed chapters.  I will try to be all caught up by the end of the weekend, but don’t hold me to that.

In fact, I am going to leave you with a picture from the next chapter.  Again, if it is too dark please let me know.  And as always, have a great day or night depending on when you are reading this.  🙂



16 thoughts on “Tiny Update

  1. Glad to see you checking in 🙂 Don’t worry about a thing. I definitely understand the perfectionism that sometimes leads to delays. I for one am patiently awaiting more of your story. Your picture looks great, by the way. Not too dark and delightfully mystical 🙂 I like it! Take care not to overwork yourself. ❤

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  2. Awww. I did see you popping in and was thrilled to see you. I agree, it’s not too dark at all. As notjustabook said – delightfully mystical which so fits moonlight falls and the current theme of your story. Looking forward to the next yodate for sure! 😊

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  3. That pic is gorgeous! You have a fine eye for detail.

    Please don’t worry about anything. Of course, we’re anxiously awaiting the next entry, but waiting can be part of the fun because it builds anticipation. 😀 I’m so glad you checked in as it’s wonderful to see you! ❤ Write at your own convenience and we'll be here when you're ready.

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  4. I think the picture looks great! Although, I have to say, whether the picture looks too dark or light is probably quite dependent on the varying screen brightness of the readers’ devices. I know my own pictures look quite different on my phone and on my laptop.
    I’m really looking forward to the next chapter 😀 Thanks for updating us!

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    1. Yes, you bring up a very good point. Another reason I have been taking so long is I test the pictures on my computer as well as my laptop and cell phone. Trying to find a happy place. Good news is that I think I found it.
      Thank you so much for commenting.

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  5. Heya! Glad to hear from you! Don’t worry about putting pressure on yourself, I know that’s easier said than done. But if I know the wp crew we’re all a pretty patient bunch (if not incredibly busy ourselves ha!). Looking forward to seeing you active here again! And I’ve got to catch up on your gen 2 as well.


  6. I am so sorry for my late comment! I, too had been a bit MIA for a couple of weeks, so I started catching up reeeally slowly during that last one! I’m very glad to see you again here, and I can’t wait to finally read your new chapter as well! ❤ ❤
    Oh, and that picture looks amazing – very mysterious and well suited for a Moonlight Falls story 😉

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