Mood Board

I have seen so many creative mood boards popping up in my Reader. Some have been color coordinated, some have been artsy, some have been literal. Each one of them have hit their characters personalities perfectly. I hope these can live up to the mood boards that have come before me. A big shout out goes to loladiamond01 for tagging me. She has such a keen grasp of her character’s distinctive personalities and who that person truly is or was.

For my Mood Boards I want to focus on different characters from the OC Tag. I combined April, May & June into one board because all three of them have distinctive personalities, but they all play off of each other so well.







April, May & June:


13 thoughts on “Mood Board

  1. Those moodboards were awesome!! Anastasis’s was so funny, especially the therapist quote – I laughed so hard with that!
    And Brandon’s… so true!! He’s certainly no coward anymore! 😉
    I loved this! ❤

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