Part 3 The Ceremony

Part 3 Ceremony

Stella was reconsidering her plans to elope.

“I know that this is what I want,” Stella tried to sort out her conflicting emotions to Sarah, “I have wanted a small wedding ceremony from the beginning. Yet I can’t help but feel like a huge part is missing.”

Stella was at a loss for what she should do. She as torn between going home, and let her family control every detail about her big day. Or should Stella go through with the wedding now, but have her family miss out?

“Why can’t I have it both ways?”



“Actually, you can,” this time it was Sarah that showed her Cheshire cat smile, “because your family is here!”

Sarah opened the dressing room door to reveal April, May, June, Cindy, and Ryan, standing on the other side.

“What?! When did you get here? How did you know where I was?” Stella was trying to understand how all of this was possible. All she knew was that by some miracle her family was here in Lucky Palms.



“Please don’t be mad at us,” Aunt April was the first to give her niece a hug, “We never meant to get carried away the way we did.”

“Brandon called me the night you decided to elope,” Aunt May explained “He knew that you would never be able tell us how you truly felt.”

Next it was Aunt June’s turn to hug Stella, “He also knew how much your family means to you.”

“This was all Brandon’s idea,” Cindy hugged her daughter tightly as she lost her fight with her tears. “I have missed so many milestones in your life. I just wanted this wedding to be perfect. I am so sorry that we lost focus on what you wanted.”

“Now it is.” Stella smiled at her family around her, which also included Sarah. “Now the wedding is perfect.”



“Thank you again for everything,” Cindy hugged Brandon after helping Stella put the final touches on her look.   “I know that you and my daughter are meant for each other. Love and take care of each other.”

“I will.” Brandon promised.

April, May, June, and Cindy took their seats signaling for the ceremony to start.



Sarah looked lovely as she walked down the aisle then took her place to the opposite side of the flashing arch.

The Wedding March began to play as Stella and Ryan walked through the double doors. Stella looked like a beautiful princess walking towards her Prince Charming.


“You are a lucky man,” Carson whispered to Brandon who replied, “you have no idea.”

Stella and Brandon decided to use traditional wedding vows, with one alteration.

“I promise to love, honor, and cherish. In sleepiness and in health,” Brandon vowed.


The whole ceremony felt like a beautiful dream. It was magical, and romantic, and perfect. Usually couples are only allowed a limited about of time to take a limited number of pictures. But June worked her magic, and Stella and Brandon were allowed as much time as they needed.



After cake Brandon waited as Stella changed into something more comfortable then they went down the line and thanked everyone for everything.

“Thank you for making sure that everyone was able to attend.” Brandon thanked Sarah.

“Wait, is that what the two of you were talking about during dinner last night?” Stella jokingly asked.

“Dude,” Carson added, “we never got to have that Bachelor party!”

“Why don’t you take Sarah out instead?” Stella suggested.

“Before you go,” Cindy chimed in, “we have one last surprise. We took the money that we would have spend on a wedding in Twinbrook, and instead both of you are going to be spending your honeymoon in Sunlit Tides!“

“After you finish your final exams.” Aunt April and Sarah added in unison.



Brandon and Stella took the rented limo (another surprise from Sarah) back to the hotel. Once they were back at the hotel the newlyweds took the elevator up 25 floors to the Honeymoon Suite. Each room at the Camelot Hotel & Casino has a medieval theme. But this suite also had a giant king sized bed with pink rose petals sprinkled around it, champagne chilling on ice, and a hot tub overlooking the Lucky Palms desert.

“Thank you for making sure that my family was here,” Stella couldn’t believe that this amazingly wonderful and selfless man next to her is now her husband and that they have the rest of their lives together. “You know me better than I know myself.”

“They are my family too, “Brandon held his wife’s hand. He promised himself that from this moment on that they would never be without each other ever again.

As tradition, Brandon carried Stella over the threshold to their room. Stella felt whole for the first time on her life as she laid in Brandon’s arms.



Stella passionately kissed her husband as they made their way over to the bed. Stella loved Brandon’s kisses. His soft lips on hers. The way his rough yet gentle hands held her. There was nothing more that Stella wanted to do at that moment but to continue kissing Brandon.

“I love you, Mr. Crowe.”

“Actually, I wanted to talk to you about that,” Brandon said in between kisses. “How would you feel about me taking your last name instead?”

Brandon had been wanting to talk with Stella about their last name before they got married, but the elopement plans got in the way. He knew that Stella was a traditional person. Plus, from the moment they got engaged she had been referring to herself as The Future Mrs. Crowe. He wasn’t sure how Stella would react to his question. But he did not expect Stella to jump into his arms and start kissing him passionately, not that he minded it at all.

“I love that idea,” Stella finally said as she came up for a breath of air. “I love you so very much Mr. Charming!”

Once again, the couple was on the same page, without knowing it. Stella too wanted to talk to Brandon about taking her last name. Stella is an only child and so is Ryan. Stella wanted the Charming name to carry on in her children and her grandchildren. She too got sidetracked with the elopement.



“This has been the wedding of my dreams,” Stella spoke as Brandon held her close. “with the man of my dreams. I don’t know why it took me so long to realize that I love you. I didn’t know how empty my life was until the day I thought that I lost you. You know me better than I know myself. You are my soul mate, because without you I have nothing.”

“Stella I could spend a thousand years telling you how much I love you.” it was Brandon’s turn to talk. “and a thousand years wouldn’t be enough. You make me want to be the best version of myself. A better solider, a better man, and I want to be the best husband to you that I can be.”



It had been an exhausting yet exhilarating day. An emotional rollercoaster ride, with more highs than lows. There was only one thing that the newlyweds wanted to do.

Try out the hot tub in their room.

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16 thoughts on “Part 3 The Ceremony

  1. You finally got the whole wedding part done!
    Just as I supposed, everything was planned out behind Stella’s back. Good that she didn’t mind! I loved that there was a reference to Stella’s sleeping beauty adventure in the vows! And I wish all the best to Mr. and Mrs. Charming.
    Myself, as opposed to how you traditionally go with the legacy name, I just didn’t change any surnames at all. And that’s how Sam became a Robinson, which was to distinct him more from the family. However, however… I have some brilliant plans to go Rosenthal-crazy again, I may just spoil that one bit!
    PS I had no idea that the bubbles formed a heart while woohooing in the hot tub. That’s cute!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You know me too well. I am a sucker for a happy ever after.
      Stella and Brandon are very family oriented (even though Brandon is the one with that trait) it made sense that they would want to keep the Charming name. Just like it is exactly like Sam to do the opposite and distance himself from the Rosenthal name. I am looking forward to your 100th post even more now!!
      And I never knew the bubbles made a heart either until I went though the screenshots for the chapter. I guess I just got lucky.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Aaaawwww that was such a sweet chapter! ❤ ❤ I knew that Stella's family would be there too, although I never suspected Brandon would be so quick to call them right after her decision to elope. He really knows her better than she knows herself… if that's not a sign of true love, I don't know what is! Now it's finally time for nooboos I presume? 😀 Can't wait to find out what you have in store for the heir, and what fairy tale he/she will follow!
    Great chapter!! ❤ ❤
    (I had no idea the bubbles in the hot tub formed a heart during woohoo either, that's so awesome! 😁)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You know me. I am a sucker for a sim wedding and a happily ever after. ❤ ❤
      I never knew about the bubbles either until I started sorting out my screenshots for the chapter. I just got lucky I guess.
      Now, next comes the babies!!!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Yay! What a perfect wedding. So glad her family could make it, she would have regretted that forever if she’d been without them. And Brandon is so perfect, as is taking her last name! I always try to find ways for the spouses to take the last name of my SOL fam, it’s sometimes very hard to come up with a good reason but this was very fitting ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I am such a hopeless romantic, and I am a sucker for a romantic, perfect sim wedding.
      I couldn’t give up the Charming name, not just yet. And I actually took the idea from real life. One of my friends is the oldest of 3 sisters, and her father is an only child. So, her husband took her last name, and so did their children.
      I’m glad you liked the chapter, and thank you for leaving a comment. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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