Soon to be Blogiversary


I got a notice that my anniversary will be coming up soon.  I thought that it would be fun to have a sort of Q&A.

This is your chance to ask any of my characters anything you want.  Have you wondered why Missy was so evil?  Or what Drusella has been up to?  What is April’s favorite comic, or how did Maleficent learn such powerful magic?

I am open to answer questions as well (just please don’t ask me to do math).

Please submit your questions by Sunday August 13.

Thanks.  And as always have a great day, or night depending on when you are reading this.

11 thoughts on “Soon to be Blogiversary

  1. I finally gathered my thoughts. Yikes!
    Oh my, I hope I didn’t mess up this much. I feel like it’s been ages since I read the earlier chapters of your story.
    Cindy and Ryan: Why did not you have any children after Stella? Was losing, in a way, one child too much for you?
    Brandon: How weird does it feel to live in one house with the girl you’re in love with? Doesn’t it make you feel down all the time because of the fear of unrequited love? How come you’re not that much of a coward anymore? Did coming to Stella’s rescue help you develop this much?
    Stella: What is the point of your love-hate relationship with Brandon? Why can’t you let go after all? He saved you, for goodness sake!
    April, May, June: Was raising Stella fun for you? Wasn’t it stressful to keep the truth about her parents away from her? What do you think of her and Brandon’s relationship?
    The author: Do you already have plans for the next generation and what fairytale you’ll go for this time?

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  2. Wow, Jowita’s questions were awesome and pretty much spot on. So I’d really like to see the answers to them 🙂
    My question: Why the number between every twin prime pair except (3, 5) is a multiple of 6? Just kidding!! 😋
    I’d like to ask Missy: What was your childhood like? Did you ever felt love towards any person (romantic or otherwise)? Towards your daughters or even Lucifur?

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