Chapter 2.7 First Date

I know that this is a busy time of the year for a lot of people, but I wanted to post at least one more chapter before the New Year!! As always have a great day, or night depending on when you are reading this.

And I hope everyone has a very Happy Holidays!! And a safe New Year!!!


Stella was so nervous about her first date with Brandon that she couldn’t eat her breakfast.  Instead she spent the morning deciding on what to wear.  With the help of her aunts Stella decided on a floral dress and jean jacket.  It was cute yet comfortable.



Brandon showed up on time dressed in jeans and a red sweater.

“You look beautiful.” he commented as he opened his car door for Stella.  Brandon had pulled up the Stella’s home in a white sports car with black interior.

“I didn’t know you have a car.” Stella admired the brand new car smell and the leather interior as she fastened her seatbelt.

“Mother bought it for me a few days ago.” Brandon said.  “Ivy is super jealous and wants one of her own, but Mother doesn’t trust her behind the wheel.”

“So, where to?” Stella asked.  Her palms were sweaty, so she folded them on her lap.

“I was hoping that you might have a suggestion.” the car roared to life as Brandon started it up.  “You know Twinbrook better than I do.”

Stella thought for a moment then decided on the prefect place. “Go down to the end of the street then make a left.” Stella directed.

The drive to their destination was a short one, but on the drive Stella and Brandon got to know each other a bit better.  Brandon learned about Stella’s love of fashion.  And Stella learned that Brandon loves comic books and Indie music too.  Currently his favorite band is the Red Hot Chili Peppers.  Stella also learned that he doesn’t know what he wants to be when he grows up. “I never really spent much time thinking about my future.” Brandon confessed.  “To be honest, the present is scary enough.”



It was a short drive to their destination: Hollowlog Springs, a secluded corner of Twinbrook .  Stella loves the outdoors, but this park in particular is special for her.  Stella and May have been coming to this park since she was a toddler.  They have had some pretty special talks under these willow trees.  Stella has even jogged here with June once or twice.  Hollowlong Springs Stella’s most favorite part of Twinbrook, and she wanted to share it with Brandon.  Too bad Brandon didn’t enjoy it as much.  He tried to hide his cowardliness from Stella, but he did not succeed.



Stella tried her hardest to get Brandon to enjoy the natural surroundings of the park.

“Look, a wild horse.” Stella pointed out.  “They will sometimes let you pet them if you are gentle enough.”

She was able to get pretty close to the horses, with Brandon cowering closely behind her.  But as soon as one of them bucked, Brandon got spooked and ran the other direction.  After that he wouldn’t go near them.



The date didn’t get any better from there.  Stella tried her best to show Brandon a good time, but he was not into it.  She picked up a wild crow to show Brandon.

“It’s a crow, just like you.” Stella joked.  “Get it?  Your last name is Crowe.  And this is a crow.”

Brandon only gave a meek smile in reply.  Stella could feel Brandon shutting down.  Stella suggested that they go some place else, but Brandon insisted that they stay.



It got dark quicker than expected, and once the sun set the temperature  dropped.  Stella lit a fire in one of the pits and took out some marshmallows for roasting.  Since Stella didn’t eat any breakfast, and hardly touched her lunch, she was starving.  Stella’s lady-like manners went right out the window as she stuffed her face with one marshmallow then another.  She was making a sticky, yet delicious, mess.

“You have a little bit on your cheek” Brandon leaned over to brush away the marshmallow bits off of Stella’s cheek.  Their eyes met, and Brandon finally smiled.  When he smiled Stella noticed that his blue eyes sparkled by the fire.



“Do you remember last night you told my mom that you have never met your parents?” Brandon broke the silence that fell between them.

And just like that Stella’s cheeriness went right out the window.  She didn’t like having to explain herself to Maleficent, and she didn’t want up do it all over again with Brandon.  Stella is not a sad orphan.  And she didn’t want to be someone’s charity case.

“Yes, I remember.” Stella didn’t try to hide her distain. She poked at the fire in frustration.

“I only meant that I know how you feel.” Brandon was taken back by the sudden mood change, so he felt compelled to explain himself.  “I never knew my father either.  Do you ever wonder about them?”

Stella kept her eyes fixated on the fire but responded with a nod and a “I think about them everyday”.  Stella loved her aunts more than anything in the world.  But she would be lying if she said that she never thought about her parents.

“I think about my dad all of the time too.” Brandon confessed.  “Mother told Ivy and I that he left us when we were still babies.  I might not know exactly what I want to be when I grow up, but I do know that I don’t want to be a coward like him.”



Curfew was approaching fast, so they decided to call it a night.  The drive back seemed longer, because this time they rode in silence.  Stella reflected on what Brandon had said by the fire.  She thought about her situation compared up Brandon’s.  She has a loving support group, while Brandon is clearly lacking that from Ivy and Maleficent.  But he did bring up a valid point.  She didn’t even know anything about them, although she always wondered. Where her parents cowards for giving her up?


8 thoughts on “Chapter 2.7 First Date

  1. All caught up! I must say I really enjoyed reading your story and now off to give you a well deserved follow and place you into the blogs I read list.
    Brandon was so cute when he felt a bit sad. It seems that they have something in common with Stella. I just hope she doesn’t keep on thinking that her parents are or were cowards 😦

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Awe, I am so glad that you are enjoying my story so far!

      Stella seems to think that Brandon’s shyness (which is really because he has the coward trait) is sweet too. Indirectly, his comments sort of open her thought on her own parents. But you will have to wait and see how far Stella takes it.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I wonder why he had such a hard time enjoying himself on their date. Maybe he knows more than he lets on. And now he has her thinking about her parents. I wonder if her Aunts will tell her.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. They left her with the best people possible to keep her safe. Or else Cindy and Ryan would have never been able to let her go.
      And those faces were all Brandon. He stood there for most of the night just making sad worried faces. As hard as I tried I just couldn’t get him to do anything!!

      Liked by 1 person

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