Insecure Writer’s Support Group

I found this group after reading a post from one of the blogs I follow, Twisted Fairytale.  The Insecure Writer’s Support Group is a home for writers in all stages to help writers overcome their insecurities.  They “meet” the first Wednesday of every moth to offer encouragement and create a community of support.  Participants share their worries, insecurities, fears, but also their hopes and triumphs.

      So, I guess it is now time for me to share a bit about myself:

Basically, I am one big walking ball of insecurity.  Even from a young age I suffered from lack of self esteem.  As I get older I have gotten better, but those monsters called Doubt and Fear always like to creep back in my mind.  And this blog can be their favorite feeding ground.

I have always been creative.  I love to draw, paint, act, sing, write and take pictures.  Most recently I have used my writing as an outlet for a really dark time in my life.  I won’t bore anyone with all of the details, but I found playing The Sims as an escape and as sort of a coping mechanism.  It took me a long time to find the courage create my very own blog to share my story, and I am so happy that I did.  In fact, I wish that I would have started it sooner.  I am even thinking about putting another one of my stories out there, but I don’t know if or when I will ever get the time for that.

One of the reasons I am so glad to have started this blog, is the sense of community.  Every single person I have had the please of conversing with has been nothing but kind and supportive.  The simple fact that ISWG exists is proof of that.

November 2 Question: What is your favorite aspect of being a writer?

I think that my favorite aspect about being a writer is also the reason why I read as much as I do.  To me writing is an escape.  I can transport myself into the mind of whoever I create.  Heroes, villains, nerds, jocks, anyone or anything.  And in any world I create.  No matter how crazy my real life becomes, I can channel those challenges into writing.

I feel like I am rambling now, so I am going to end with a Thank You!  Thank you for all of the likes and positive comments.  And thank you to alyssasimmers for sharing your post that encouraged me to join as well. 

-socallucyfan 🙂

8 thoughts on “Insecure Writer’s Support Group

  1. Thank you for your support. I too have been struggling with insecurities my entire life, and writing has always been a way to help we cope with them.
    And thanks for the encouragement. I started this blog for me to take my story from paper to life. So, it always blows me away that people like my story. And the fact that you called it awesome makes day!!

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  2. I relate to this in so many ways. *smiles* Love that such a group exists, because I’m sure there are a lot of us insecure writers out there. Just by browsing through your posts on reader, I am already so curious about your legacy. Pfft! The title of the legacy alone actually… I’m such a sucker for fairy tales and any twists on them. I’ll definitely be dropping by your blog at some point to catch up. 🙂

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    1. It has definitely helped me deal with my insecurities (not just in my writing, but in life in general).
      And I’m glad that you are wanting to check out my little legacy. I too am such a sucker for fairy tales. 🙂

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      1. I’ll catch up at some point! The fairy tale arc is begging me to! I just have a couple more to catch up on before I get to yours. I wish I had more time in my hands. Gah!

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