Chapter 11. A Glimmer of Hope

I almost forgot to show Cindy as an adult.  She gained the Hopeless Romantic trait and her LTW is to be surrounded by family. All of the character stats for Cindy, Drusella, and Anastasis are under the Meet the Legacy tab HERE. I hope you enjoy this chapter, and as always have a great day, or night, depending on when you are reading this.


It is finally time for Cindy to accept her fate as a slave to her Evil Stepfamily.  When she was younger she had school to look forward to as a means of escape.  But now Cindy has been too busy to even think about going out.  She runs around the house taking care of this and that for her stepfamily.  What’s more, now that Cindy is an adult she has the added chore of doing the household laundry.

There is no more time to talk with Fay, or even dare to dream about contacting Ryan. But that didn’t stop her from thinking about him every second of every day.  But Cindy knew that seeing him would be too risky.  Besides, the way Missy and Anastasis talked, it seemed like her and Ryan were all but engaged to be married.

According to Missy and Anastasis prom was just the beginning of the romance.  Missy and Anastasis go on and on about how in love the young couple is.  That they see each other almost every day.  Missy loved telling Cindy about how she met Mr. and Mrs. Charming, and how big their palace is.  The next logical step is for Ryan to propose to Anastasis.  Then they can all live in the lap of luxury, rich ever after.

But, one day Drusella let something slip.





“Here is your piece of pie.” Cindy said as she set the plate in front of Drusella.

Cindy had a few minutes before she had to take the clothes out of the washer, so she took a seat at the table.  That was when she noticed that Drusella wasn’t eating, which is very unusual.  Something has to be up. “Is everything okay?” Cindy asked.

“Max asked me to marry him.” Drusella responded as she picked at the crust with her fork.

“That’s amazing!” Cindy exclaimed, forgetting her own sorrow.  “I am so happy for you.”

“I told Mom.” Drusella said, still looking at her food.  “Her response was, ‘Why would you want to live on that smelly old farm?”

“So what?” Cindy responded.  “Your mother doesn’t know the first thing about love.  If you love Max then you shouldn’t let anything stand in your way.  Marry him and have your Happily Ever After!  At least one of us should.”

“You are right.” for the first time Drusella met Cindy’s eyes.  “You have always been too nice to me.  Even when I didn’t deserve it.  I was the one who told Mother about you and Ryan.  And I am so very sorry about that.”

Cindy didn’t know what to say.  She just sat and listened as Drusella went on, “But I want to make it up to you as best as I can.  You aught to know that all of the stuff that Mother and Ana have been telling you is a lie.  Anastasis and Ryan had a horrible time at the prom.  Ryan was nice, but Ana was too busy making fun of the other girls and their dates.  Ryan hasn’t spoken to her since.  Max and I saw him at the beach a few days ago.  He asked me about you and how you are doing.  Plus…”

Drusella was about to say something else, but just then Anastasis yelled from the other room, “Cindy, where are you?”





Cindy thought about what Drusella had said.  If she was right, then Cindy had a chance to find her Happily Ever After.  But, on the other hand, what if it was all a lie?  What if this was another cruel trick played by her evil stepfamily?

“I wonder what Fay would think about all of this?” Cindy thought to herself.  She was so lost in her own thoughts that she didn’t hear Missy yelling, “Cindy come here!”

Cindy very rarely left the lot, even on the weekends. Missy would forbid it, but every once in a while Missy makes Cindy run an errand into town.

“I need more scrap for my inventing table.” Missy ordered. “Go to the junk yard and get me some!”

Cindy hated going to the junk yard to collect scrap for Missy, because she knew that Missy was only using it to build detonation devices. On the other hand, it was the only time that Cindy was allowed out of the house.





Cindy did as she was told.  She knew that Missy has spies all over Riverview keeping tabs on her. Therefore, Cindy had to move quickly with no detours.  Just to the junk yard and back.

She had just picked up her last piece and was about to head home when a familiar face popped out from behind the pile of junk.

“Hi Cindy,” Ryan said showing off his million dollar smile and emerald green eyes.

Cindy’s first instinct was to leap into his arms, and have him carry her away while Take My Breath Away played softly in the background.  But then Cindy remembered the spies.

“I know that we don’t have a lot of time.” Ryan quickly said. “So, I am going to say what I have to say, then I’ll go.  I have been recruited to the Appaloosa Plains Racing Team.  I leave in a week, and I want you to come with me. My parents are throwing me a party, a Farewell Ball.  The entire town will be there.  And if you are there then nothing and no one will be able to stop me from marrying you.  But if you don’t show up, I’ll understand.  I’ll go to Appaloosa Plains and you will never have to see me again.”

Before Cindy had a chance to respond, Ryan was gone.





Meanwhile, Anastasis was making big plans of her own.  And she needed her mother’s help.

“There will be tons of girls at Ryan’s party.” Anastasis told her mom.  “And I want him to notice me.  By the end of the night I want him to be so in love with me that he takes ME away with him.”





It was the night of the Farewell Ball and Cindy was still torn up about what to do.  Could this be a trick?  Could Ryan be just as cruel as Anastasis?  Or could all of her dreams come true in one night?  She was so distracted that she almost put the sugar in the meat that she was cooking. Cindy knew it was risky, but she needed to talk to Fay.





After some encouragement Cindy has finally decided to go to The Farewell Ball, and nothing and no one is going to get in her way.  She put on her formal dress, pinned her hair up, and added a purple flower to her hair.  It was a simple but elegant lavender dress with a darker purple sash around the waist.  She took one last look in the mirror then made her way up from the basement into the house.  She didn’t even get half way through the living room before Missy and Anastasis stopped her.

“Where do you think you are going?” Missy demanded.

“I have finished all of my chores, and now I am going to The Ball.” Cindy tried to sound brave, but her voice still cracked when she spoke.

“Not in that ugly dress.” Anastasis said pushing Cindy.  And as Cindy fell backwards a piece of her sleeve ripped in Anastasis’s hands.  All of a sudden, Missy and Anastasis became like sharks smelling blood in the water.

“You can’t go with only one sleeve.” Missy pulled at the other sleeve.

Anastasis tore at the lace sash, “and that ugly thing around your waist has got to go!”

Cindy tried to fight back, but it was two against one.  Missy laughed as she grabbed at the dress seam.  Then Anastasis pulled Cindy’s hair.  She ripped the pins out and smashed the purple flower with her fat foot.

Now you look ready for The Ball.” Anastasis said with an evil smirk.

Cindy couldn’t hold back the tears as she rushed back down to her basement.



After the excitement of once again ruining Cindy’s life, Missy had a surprise for her daughter.

“This is going to help you get Ryan once and for all.” she explained.

“Yes!  Ryan is going to fall in love with me for sure!” Anastasis said as she gave an evil laugh.



SIDE NOTE:  In the chapter Cindy mentions the song Take My Breath Away.  I wanted to share the song with you.  Of course all credits go to the actual performers and writers.

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