Chapter 10. Adulthood on the Horizon

Prom Night came and went, but Anastasis and Missy didn’t let up on torturing Cindy.  They both complained about Cindy’s cooking, making her cook the meal all over again.  They went out of their way to make a mess in any room that they were in, so Cindy had to clean up.  But worse of all, anytime Cindy was in earshot Anastasis would begin to describe every detail of Prom Night.  Anastasis went to great lengths to describe every detail of how handsome Ryan looked in his tux.  How they rented a limo.  How they danced every dance together, especially the slow ones.  Anastasis and Drusella had the time of their lives at Prom, and poor Cindy was left out.  It seems that now a days Cindy is left out of everything.

Most of Cindy’s classmates are excited about graduation and becoming young adults.  They all have plans for their future.  But once again, Cindy is left out.  She is probably the only one who is not looking forward to graduation.

The end of high school means the end of refuge.  School is where Cindy can escape and get away from her evil stepfamily for at least a few hours.

But she does have one ray of sunshine.  Lucifur caught another bird and gave it to Cindy.  It was just what she needed to brighten up her otherwise gloomy existence.  So, that is what she named her bird; Sunshine.





And Missy has been enjoying her continued her reign of destruction.  Blowing up Riverview hasn’t been enough for her.  Now she has to dig it up.





This time she has enlisted the help of her daughter.  I just hope her fat ass doesn’t get stuck.





Well on the up side, Drusella didn’t get stuck. On the down side, she didn’t find any hidden treasure either.





Drusella had just enough time to get home and shower before her birthday party.  The ugly Evil’s last birthday party didn’t turn out the way Missy wanted it to.  So, this time she went all out.  She doubled the bribe money she gave out.  She doubled the amount of balloons and flowers that decorated the house.  And for the most part it was a success.  Most of the kids managed to show up, and the caterer’s food was delicious.  Drusella and Max played videogames, just like they did when they were children.  She couldn’t wait to blow out the candles on her cake.  She has some big plans for her future.




And here she is as a young adult.  Her Lifetime Wish is Jack of All Trades.





Anastasis was quick to blow out the candles on her cake as well, because she too has big plans.

“I can’t wait to become Mrs. Charming,” she thought, “and I will make Cindy be my slave for the rest of her life.  I will make her life a living hell while I have everything I’ve ever wanted.”





And now here is Anastasis is all her ugly, evil glory.  As you can imagine her LTW is Heartbreaker.




After the party was over, and Cindy threw away the last bag of trash, it was her turn to age up.  There was no huge cake with three layers of chocolate icing in the middle.  There was only one strawberry cupcake she baked in her oven.  But this time Cindy wouldn’t be alone.

“knock, knock,” Fay said as she made her way down the stairs.

“What are you doing here?” Cindy was surprised, happy, and worried all at the same time.  “What if Missy or Anastasis see you?”

“They are all fat, I mean fast, asleep.” Fay reassured.  “Besides, the Apocalypse couldn’t keep me from celebrating my goddaughter’s birthday.”

Before Fay could even finish that sentence Cindy had embraced her with a tight hug.  All of the stress and the sorrow that she had been feeling for months now seemed to vanish as Fay petted her head and whispered, “it’s all going to be okay.”


13 thoughts on “Chapter 10. Adulthood on the Horizon

  1. Oooh, the magic did not happen at prom, but while Cindy is aging up…nice 🙂 I really want to see how she’ll look as an adult, I’m sure she’ll be really beautiful! Also… you want to be a heartbreaker, Anastasis? REALLY?? lol

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  2. Hahaha, she doubled the bribe money! Missy’s random shenanigans always make me laugh. And yeah, Anastasis is breaking my heart alright lol, just not in the way she might want.

    Liked by 1 person

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