Chapter 9. A New Low

Cindy’s attitude and demeanor began to change after Anastasis destroyed the photo.  Cindy had always tried to be an optimist, looking for the silver lining, but this time she couldn’t find one.  She let her depression control her life.  Cindy surrendered herself to a fate of living in her basement forever, and knowing that she will never be out from under her stepmother’s control.

Cindy’s stepfamily has already taken Ryan away.  And she was afraid that it wouldn’t be long before they found out about Fay as well.  So, Cindy’s daily calls to Fay turned into weekly calls.  Then it became every other week.  Before long, the calls stopped all together.

At school she began to spend even more time at the library.  Ryan, who knew about the rumors but didn’t care, tried talking with her.   He wanted to tell her that he didn’t care what the other kids said.  That he would protect her at school.  But any time he got close, Cindy buried her face in a book and ignored him.


On the other hand, Missy and Anastasis couldn’t be happier.  They enjoyed the new Cindy; who now cooked their meals and cleaned the house without a peep.  Cindy no longer whistled a happy tune, or hummed an annoyingly cheery song. And the torment has only just begun.  Destroying Cindy’s room was the first step.  And ripping up that picture was an added bonus.  What Missy and Anastasis had planned next would be the cherry on top.

“Isn’t prom coming up here pretty soon?”  Missy asked one evening. The Evils were sitting around the dinner table as Cindy silently served them her spaghetti.

Right on cue Anastasis said, “Oh, yes. That is right Mother”

“Max has already asked me to go with him.” Drusella added, but no one seemed to care.

“Who are you going with?” Missy asked her other daughter.

Cindy almost dropped the plate of pasta when she overheard Anastasis respond. “I was asked to the prom by Ryan Charming.”


Missy’s mayhem didn’t end with Cindy.  She has been enjoying spreading destruction all over Riverview.  By focusing so hard on increasing her inventing skill Missy has managed to create a detonation device.




She started out by blowing up rubber duckies in a secluded area of Riverview.  Then it just grew from there.  Missy started blowing up smaller objects all over town.


Then Missy moved on to larger, and more expensive, items.


While Missy was busy blowing up half of Riverview her daughters were busy trying to find the perfect dresses for prom.  Yes, it is true that both Drusella and Anastasis have dates for prom.  Drusella is going with Max Dermott, who hads been her best friend since childhood.  And, for some strange reason, beyond all logic, Anastasis is going to Prom with Ryan Charming.

They had spent hours at Riverview Mall trying on thousands of dresses, and now they are ready for their fashion show in front of Missy.

“Cindy come here.” Missy demanded.  “And bring me some tea.  Now!!”

Cindy wasn’t surprised by the spectacle in the living room.  Missy had found every mirror in the house and placed them all around her daughters.  Capturing every ugly angle of them in their prom gowns.

“I picked this dress because it is Ryan’s favorite color.” Anastasis boasted.

“This is the dress I picked out.” Drusella said vying for her mother’s attention.  “Do you think Max will like it?”

“Who cares?!” Anastasis snapped at her sister.  Then she put her focus back on the mission at hand and said, “What do you think Cindy?  Do you think Ryan, my date, will like it?”

More than anything Cindy wanted to tell her evil stepsister, “you look like a fat, ugly marshmallow!  Oh, and Ryan’s favorite color is purple, not blue, you stupid cow.”

But she knew that would only cause more trouble.

“You both look very pretty.” Cindy meekly replied.



12 thoughts on “Chapter 9. A New Low

    1. We will see how prom turns out 😉
      My husband made the comment that she looked like a fat, ugly marshmallow (when he said it he meant it as a compliment towards me and my creation). I loved that line, so I had to include it in the chapter.

      Liked by 1 person

  1. LOL why is she blowing up the whole town! What is going on hahaha! These Evils are crazy! I hope Ryan just asked out Anastasis because he has a plan or something. I have to say though, Missy’s parenting is really top notch with all those mirrors in the living room lol

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Missy detonating the city is both hilarious but also slightly horrifying. I think Anastasis only believes she’s going with Ryan, no way on earth he’d willingly agree unless she has something over him, lol.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Missy tried to be evil, but it just comes across as comical. And her trying to blow up the city is just a silly example of that. I know that it has no real connection to the story, but it was too funny not to include.

      Liked by 1 person

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