Chapter 7 Risky Plans

Now that the Holiday Season is over and done with, I feel like it is about time for a new chapter.  It isn’t the longest chapter, but it is an important one.  Anyway, have a great day or night depending on when you are reading this. 


Cindy and Ryan weren’t the only sims enjoying the weekend.  Missy has finally maxed out her sculpting skill.  And celebrated by making ice sculptures of her ugly children.

I know what you are thinking.  I wish that she could make an ice sculpture of Lucifur too.


But back in the park, Cindy and Ryan were enjoying their date.  Even a few ants couldn’t ruin the fun.

“We should do this again.” Cindy said.

“Next weekend I have a big important horse race.” Ryan responded.  “There will be recruiters and trainers watching.  If I do good I could be drafted to the Appaloosa Plains Racing Team.”

“That sounds great.” Cindy encouraged.  “I wish you lots of luck.”

“Wait,” Ryan confused.  “I thought that you would be there.  You have to be there!  You are my good luck charm.”

“I don’t know.” Cindy could feel the panic rise up again.  “We can’t be seen in public.  Meeting in the park is one thing, but there will be tons of people at the race.  There is no way I could possibly be seen in public without Missy knowing that I have been seeking out of the house this whole time.”

As Cindy spoke she could see Ryan’s attitude deflate.  At that moment Cindy hated herself.  She hated hurting Ryan, and she loathed her stepfamily all the more.  She hated how Missy and Anastasis made her fearful.  And at that moment, Cindy decided not to live in fear of her evil stepfamily.  She would be brave, and confident.

“I would love to go to the race and cheer you on.” Cindy said with pride in her new attitude, but quickly added, “but we have to be smart about it.”


The rest of the week went by uneventfully; just the same old routine.  The only thing that was different was that Cindy found some new recipes to try out on her stepfamily.  She didn’t expect to enjoy cooking as much as she did.  The rest of her chores are meaningless and boring.  But cooking gives Cindy a creative outlet to express herself.  And she can tell that the rest of her stepfamily likes it too.  Even if Drusella is the only one to admit it out loud.


And any spare time that Cindy has she spends in her basement looking over the pictures in the shoebox that Fay gave her.  Cindy spends hours looking over every detail of each picture.  Memorizing each wrinkle in her dad’s face, and how each strand of hair fell into place.  Cindy concentrated on her mom’s warm smile, and the twinkle in her eyes.  It is the same twinkle that Cindy has when she sees Ryan.

All of a sudden Cindy had a horrible thought; what would happen if Missy found the shoebox?!  Missy would for sure destroy the box, just like she destroyed everything else having to do with Cindy’s parents.  What’s worse is that Missy would get some sort of sick enjoyment from doing it.  Cindy couldn’t let that happen.

She quickly looked around her small basement room to find a hiding place.  Cindy moved her mattress off of the box spring.  Then she cut a small hole in the top and placed the shoebox inside its new hiding place.  Cindy smiled to herself as she put the mattress back on top.

“There is no way Missy is smart enough to find this.” she thought to herself.

ACC photo shot

Finally, it was the night of Ryan’s big race.  Cindy enlisted Fay’s help in sneaking her into the stadium.  From the back, hidden from her stepfamily, Cindy watched as Ryan won his race.

It wasn’t even close.  Ryan charged first out of the gate, and lead from the first turn to the finish line.  The whole stadium erupted in cheers as their hometown boy completed his victory lap.

“He is going to get recruited to Appaloosa Plains for sure.” Cindy thought to herself as she cheered.

After the races were over, and most of the crowd went home, Cindy met Ryan behind the stables.  It was risky being out so late, but Cindy didn’t care.  She just had to see Ryan.

When Cindy was around Ryan her whole outlook on life changed.  Her life didn’t seem so dark and hopeless.  Ryan lit a fire that Missy and Anastasis had put out.  Cindy felt more alive, and more like herself.  The self that she would have been if her parents were still alive.

“I am so proud of you.” Cindy held Ryan’s hands in hers.  “I know that all of those recruiters will be fighting over you.”

“I told you that you were my good luck charm.” Ryan held Cindy close.


Then he leaned in closer.  Cindy closed her eyes as her lips met Ryan’s.  And outside, in the dark behind the riding arena,  Ryan Charming and Cindy Rella shared their first kiss.  Too bad they weren’t alone.


15 thoughts on “Chapter 7 Risky Plans

  1. Oooooo! My guess is Drusilla(?). She just seems like she’d be there at the worst times. Also hello. I’m finally getting around to reading your blog, so get ready for a lot of like spam! I really enjoy Cindy’s hair it’s totally cute. I also like the half story/half update you were doing. Do you keep the same writing style further into the legacy or does it change?

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  2. Fingers crossed I don’t take a year long gap between reading chapters, haha. 😂
    The cute kiss at the end became slightly creepy really quick because of the unknown person watching. It’s sad Cindy has to sneak around and hide her photos. What kind of crazy person wont let a kid look at pictures of her own family *sigh* I’m hoping it’s not Drusella that sees her and Ryan.

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