Chapter 4. Team Missyfur


I know that this is suppose to be a fairy tale legacy, and that I should be focusing on the founder; Cindy Rella.  But I can only watch her scrub a toilet or ride the school bus so many times.  I spend the rest of the time playing Missy and Lucifur.  They have become my TS3 guinea pigs, and I have more pics of them than I do of anyone else.  So, I wanted to share some of them with you.  I promise the next chapter will be back on Cindy and her quest to get away from her evil stepfamily.


As I said before, Missy has become the sim I play the most.  And I spend my free time trolling the web for new CC for Missy (most of which I make hot pink).     And I figured she should have at least one skill point in something, so I bought her a bar to practice her drink making skills.


This has to be one of the favorite pictures that I took or Lucifur.


No I think this one is.


Lucifur spends most of her time playing with her endless amount of toys at home, or playing with the endless amount of toys at the Cat Park.     And I still don’t understand why she hisses at EVERYTHING!!  I find myself yelling at the computer, “that fake feather on the wall is not going to take your food”.


Lucifur needs a skill.  She needs to learn how to hunt.  How hard could it be?  In a fight who would you bet on?  A cat or a turtle?


If you bet on the turtle, you’d be rich!


Missy soon gave up on becoming a bar tender, and set her sights on becoming a sculptor.  I thought that it would be a great way of channeling her evilness into art.  But so far all she has made is a chair.


My dog started barking at the computer when Lucifur is yowling with the music on the stereo.


Missy is quickly gaining skill points as a sculptor and has moved on to sculpting ice.  But I am a little worried that she now has access to a chainsaw.


Ha-ha! Silly cat fell off of the dresser!


Missy has taken a break from carving ice to do a bit of time traveling.  She walked into the time machine wearing this.


And came out wearing that.  It takes the whole Evil Stepmother thing to a whole new level.  I have to show her off to the rest of Riverview.


But of course Lucifur had to come too.  She spent all day at the park hunting, and yowling because she couldn’t catching anything.


And then she took her anger out on the nearest townie.


But wait, Lucifur caught something after all.  She caught fleas!  As soon as they got home Missy had to give her a bath.  Then Lucifur spent the rest of the night hiding under the couch.


And that ends the chapter dedicated to Missy and Lucifur.  Next time we will continue with Cindy and her challenge to get away from her evil stepfamily.


19 thoughts on “Chapter 4. Team Missyfur

  1. LOL! It’s so funny to see the antics that Missy and Lucifur got into. I bet you were having a good time playing them and laughing. I was cracking up at your dog barking at the cat yowling at the stereo. Hehehe. Sounds like something my dogs would do. Love it!

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  2. Those clothes from Ye Olden Times really do suit an evil stepmother, hahaha!

    The main character of my Cat Chronicles story, Shadow, loves to sit over his food dish and hiss constantly as he eats, too. I always assumed it was because he has the Aggressive trait, but since Lucifur doesn’t have that trait, now I really don’t know what causes kitty to get so territorial over his food! I have quite a few kitties in that household too, and not all of them have that quirk (though Shadow’s kittens seem to have picked it up from papa, heh). For him it seems to be the dishwasher that is next to the food dish that he loves to hiss at while he eats. I like to think he believes that since it eats food bowls, it is constantly trying to get to his food bowl to eat it, too.

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  3. I am not a cat person in real life (although I do have one). But Sim-cats are just hilarious!!. None of the other cats that my sims own hiss as much as Lucifur.
    Thanks again for the comment, and I will definitely have to check out your Cat Chronicles.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I am not the biggest cat person, but sim cats are hilarious. and Lucifur is no exception. I actually modeled Lucifur after my black shorthair cat, and not so much like the cat from the Disney movie (although I couldn’t help but use the same name).
      Thanks for reading and commenting. 🙂

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