Chapter 2: The Kids Are Alright

Despite spending all of her time catering to her evil stepfamily, and not sleeping much, Cindy has managed to get onto the honor roll.  I am so proud.


Drusella and Anastasis also made the honor roll, but this really isn’t about them.


Meanwhile, Missy couldn’t care less.  She has been too busy spending her dead husband’s money.  Who ever said, “more money; more problems” was not a sim with the motherlode cheat.

While the girls are at school Missy spends her time at the spa, the movie theater, the bistro, or relaxing in her hot tub.


The weekend is a different story, because the rest of the Evils get to party too.  Drusella took a moment to enjoy a freezer bunny ice cream.  It looks like she’s enjoying it a bit too much.


And after the ice cream break, Missy took her girls the community pool.  Drusella was sick, and didn’t spend much time swimming.  Instead she spent her time by the swing set all alone.

Ananstasis, meanwhile, had fun playing with the other children.  And by playing with them, I mean she splashed at them and held their heads underwater.  Then after she got out of the pool she had her own personal dance party.


Of course the weekend also means a break for Cindy as well.  Plus, with Missy and her brats out of the house, Cindy can finally have some time to herself.  She got up early and finished her chores in record time.  Afterwards she enjoyed some leftover pancakes.  For the first time since her dad’s death Cindy was able to eat inside the dining room and not downstairs in her basement.  But her fun didn’t stop there.

She took a bubble bath in Missy’s tub, played Drusella’s videogames, then had fun bouncing on the trampoline.  But why should Cindy’s fun be confined to only the house?
Cindy rode her bike to the park to find some friends of her own.  Random sims better start showing up soon, before Cindy has to leave.  I have to get her home before Missy and her brats come home and realize that Cindy isn’t there.

Meanwhile the Evils were enjoying their time on the town.  After the pool Missy took the girls out to eat.  And as much as these two girls eat, it cost Missy a small fortune.  As you can see Drusella is really enjoying her food. (whatever that is)


Some other Sims finally showed up, and Cindy had a chance to play with come kids her own age.


How cute!  Lucifur made a friend at the cat park.  The new friend is pro ponies while Lucifur is anti leaves.


But all of this fun must come to an end.  The Evils are home, Cindy is forced back down to her basement.

So this is where I leave you.  With one of my many funny pictures of Lucifur.  Thank you so much for checking out my legacy blog.  And have a great day, or night depending on when you are reading this.

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